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How To Get A Workout In While Ice Skating

How To Get A Workout In While Ice Skating

February 24, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Looking for an interesting and different workout to add to your winter fitness routine? Instead of just doing hot yoga to stay warm in the coldness of winter, try considering ice skating. Unless you want to stay inside the gym all day, exercising in the winter can be fun and rewarding way to maximize your health and staying on top of your physical self. Ice Skating, as silly as it may seem, can offer you an incredible workout that can help create better balance, improve leg strength, promote cardio and aerobic activity, and improve endurance. Don't believe me, here's the research that proves you can get a workout with ice skating:

Ice Skating Health Benefits

As stated, ice skating can promote numerous health benefits that are crucial to maintain your health and physical shape. With adding ice skating to your workout routine, you'll also be creating a calorie-burning, leg-toning, core-strengthening workout that is actually fun and rewarding. With ice skating you will find that:

  1. You'll Burn Calories: It was found in a study performed by David C. Nieman for Exercise Testing and Prescription that a one-hundred-fifty pound person will burn up to 392.92 calories within 60 minutes of light ice skating. You are actually burning twice as many calories as you would while doing yoga, and are providing a more fun workout than just burning the same amount of calories on an elliptical or treadmill. 
  2. Increase Core Strength: Ice skating requires a ton of balance and engagement in your core to help you stand up straight and remain proper posture. Ice Skating is a good way to build your ab strength without having to get onto the ground and do crunches.
  3. Tone Your Legs: Ice skating helps in toning your legs, helping to shape your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and erectors. 
  4. Aid In Joint Health: Ice skating helps create a low-impact exercise that does not wear away on the joints that regular pavement-to-sneaker running does. 

Ice Skating Can Improve Your Bone Density

Besides all of the added health benefits that come from regular skating sessions, ice skating can aid in improving your bone density. Increase in bone density can lower your risks of osteoporosis, improve your athletic endurance, and create better posture. In a recent study performed by the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine of Umea University in Sweden has found that bone density of ice hockey players had drastically increased over a span of 30 months, with even more gain in 70 months. It is important, however, to keep up your practice as results can turnaround if not continually practiced. 

Ice Skating Can Improve Your Mental Health

Workout your mental health by picking up some ice skates and getting onto the ice! Ice skating is an easy way to boost your mental health while elevating levels of self-confidence and esteem. Ice skating is a social, stress-free, and fun activity that can be done with friends, family, or even your partner - and getting outside is a great way to also get in some added health benefits. 

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