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First Triathlon Tips From iTouch Wearables

First Triathlon Tips From iTouch Wearables

December 17, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

If you're looking to run your first triathlon, then we've got some first triathlon advice that you need to know. This race requires 3 different skills such as swimming, running, and biking. Preparation is definitely a key factor when competing in a race like this. Don't worry, we have some first triathlon tips to help ensure your first triathlon goes well.

First Triathlon Tip #1: The Gear 

First Triathlon Tips From iTouch Wearables

Race day is the biggest part of the whole experience. It is essential that you have the right clothing for your first triathlon. For the swimming portion, be sure you are aware of exactly where you will be swimming - open waters or in a pool. This depends on the bathing suit that you may need. Open water requires that you wear a wet suit. If you do not own one, some retail stores offer renting options. If you are participating in a pool, even a regular swimsuit is sufficient. The last thing you need for the swimming portion is a good pair of goggles. You need to see where you are going underwater, so goggles are super important. This is something that you should invest in, especially if you plan on participating again in the future. The biking part of the race can be done with any bike you previously owned. The last piece of equipment that is needed is a good pair of running shoes. These should not be the ones you used to practice with, but you should break them in beforehand. If you do not currently own a pair, it is recommended that you search for a good running store and speak with an expert in the field. They give you the proper fit and shoe type for the terrain of the race. 

First Triathlon Tip #2: Training 

First Triathlon Tips From iTouch Wearables

Training for your first triathlon is a lot of work, but you can do it! In reality, you should be training for approximate 20 hours per week. Over-working yourself is a bad and unsafe idea. You should also plan rest days because your body needs time to recuperate. The ultimate thing to remember is "go short before going long". Start with shorter distances and work your way up to long and more challenging ones. By the end of your training, you should really be a master at swimming, biking, and running those long distances. The first thing you should find is an area with a pool or large body of water. If the race requires that you swim in open waters, it is best to practice there. Open water can be dark, deep, and scary. The proper mind set is needed to prepare. You should be ale to swim about 50 meters. You should also always swim with a buddy for safety. The biking and running portions are much easier to train for, since you can start anywhere you like. There are some apps you can download to your phone to help you train as well. They show different trails for varying difficulties!

First Triathlon Tip #3: Nutrition 

First Triathlon Tips From iTouch Wearables

Food is crucial during training and the day of the actual event. If you are training 2 times a day, you should be doubling up on whole grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats. When completing extensive workouts, carbs are your best friend since they are a main source of energy. The intake of carbs should increase or decrease with the extent of your workout. Water and sport drinks are the next dietary supplement. You should already be consuming ample amounts of water for your body, but now this needs to increase even more. It is important that you keep your body well-hydrated. Sport drinks should be used during workouts to replenish your electrolytes, carbs, and sodium levels that are lost during workouts. On race day, you should have carbs and healthy fats at least 2-3 hours before the race. 15 minutes before the race, you can have an energy bar or supplement and continue this for every 45 minutes during the race. The same goes for hydration - keep drinking constantly during the race.   

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