5 Tips To Improve Cardio Endurance

5 Tips To Improve Cardio Endurance

Cardiovascular endurance is based around how efficiently your body can process and use oxygen. Therefore if you improve cardio endurance, you'll become healthier, more fit, and can carry on with exercises without any issues. You want to elevate both your heart rate and your fitness level, for this is what cardio exercises are all about. Losing weight and HIIT workouts can help with this, but here are 5 other tips to improve your cardio endurance. 

5 Tips To Improve Cardio Endurance - running

Ways to Improve Cardio Endurance #1: Walk With Purpose

The first tip to improve cardio endurance is to walk at a faster pace than you normally would. Walking 3.5 miles per hour for 30 minutes will not only burn about 150 calories, but it will also elevate your heart rate. You can easily monitor your heart rate and progress by wearing the iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker. If you think this speed is too fast, then try boosting your speed in intervals. This means pushing your pace for one minute, and then dialing back the next minute, and alternating at least 10 times. You can also hike up hills and uneven grounds to elevate your heart rate even more.

Ways to Improve Cardio Endurance #2: Play With Running Speeds

In order to improve cardio endurance, you're going to have to step up your running game. To do this, start shifting your speed and intensity at random intervals during your run. Playing with your speed challenges your body more during exercise, which allows your heart rate to rise without depleting so much energy. Try running hard for 30 seconds, or run to a certain location you see ahead for your first interval. Walk in between, and then push for 45 seconds during the next interval, with two minutes of walking or jogging in between that one. It'll definitely make your run more exciting as well.

Ways to Improve Cardio Endurance #3: Perform Circuits With Strength Training

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If you're strength training, then you want to engage various muscle groups to keep your heart rate elevated. To do this, perform circuits with alternate cardiovascular endurance exercises that target different muscles. For example, do a set up push ups, followed by squats, then bench dips, and finally walking lunges. Working different muscles allows you to rest the one's you just worked on, while you continue to move. We recommend repeating your entire circuit three times, while resting and drinking water for a minute in between each of the series. 

Ways to Improve Cardio Endurance #4: Ride Quick With Cycling

5 Tips To Improve Cardio Endurance - cycling

To improve cardio endurance with cycling, you want to keep you rides quick and interesting. This goes for a regular bike on the road, a cycling class, or a stationary bike. For this cardiovascular endurance exercise, try pedaling for 40 seconds with as much resistance as you can handle, followed by 20 seconds with no resistance. The burst with resistance will add an extra challenge and push your cardio endurance, so you'll be working hard. Repeat 10 times, and see how your body reacts afterwards.

Move With Yoga

If you're wondering how to improve cardiovascular endurance while doing yoga, then look no further. You want to find a Vinyasa, Power, or “Flow” class so you're consistently moving with your breath, which helps keep your heart rate up. If you can't find a class, then you can also do it on your own. Try holding a pose like Warrior 2 for as long as you can. This pose in particular creates a full-body, heart-revving challenge. See it for yourself now!

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