Benefits Of Indoor Cycling

Benefits Of Indoor Cycling

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Sometimes it’s simply too cold to exercise outside, not to mention there's a ton of dangers such as heavy traffic and potential ice and snow. Thus, indoor training is sometimes your best call. Here's where indoor cycling comes in - a warm, safe, and a more enjoyable workout. Here are the top benefits of indoor cycling.

You'll Burn More Calories

benefits of indoor cycling

One of the best benefits of indoor cycling is burning more calories at a faster rate. You're pedaling all the time since there aren't any traffic lights or stop signs in your way. Not to mention, it's the same intensity throughout since you're not coasting downhill or something. You're also constantly keeping your heart pumping the whole time. This makes riding indoors more efficient when it comes to calorie burn. It's a perfect workout to shed a few pounds, whether you're doing it in the comfort of your own home or at an indoor cycling class. Additionally it's low-impact, so you can continue doing it for a while with minimal muscle strain.

You'll Build Muscle

benefits of indoor cycling

Another top indoor cycling benefit is building strength and endurance. Cycling primarily targets your leg and glute muscles, so you'll automatically build your gluteus and hamstring muscles just by sitting on a bike. Then as you rise to simulate climbing a hill in the standing position, you will build the quadricep muscles. Your arms and core muscles are also engaged as they help to keep you centered on your bike throughout these motions. As a result, your bones, tendons and ligaments surrounding these muscles will be strengthened as well.

You'll Improve Your Pedal Stroke

 benefits of indoor cycling

Training indoors is also a great way to boost your pedal stroke. Again, this is because you pedal almost all of the time without any hills or obstacles. Having to repeat the same movement - a balance between pushing the pedal down with one leg at the same time you’re pulling the pedal with your other leg –creates an ingrained movement pattern that allows you to naturally practice and smooth out your stroke. Having this essential movement mastered indoors will make outdoor rides that much easier. Once you get back on the road, your body will remember what you practiced - we promise.

You'll Be Happier

benefits of indoor cycling

We all heard of “runner’s high,” or that point at which exercise causes the release of endorphins. These are neurotransmitters that can cause feelings of euphoria and even act as painkillers to be released in the brain. Fortunately, this benefit is not just for runners, but can be achieved by indoor cycling as well. You'll find that in addition to feeling physically better, you’ll genuinely feel happier and less stressed, too! From building muscle to reducing stress, you can see that there are several indoor cycling benefits.

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