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What Are Hip Dips?

You may see people showing off their "hip dips" on Instagram as another body positivity movement. However you may be wondering, "what are hip dips?" From a trend on social media to the basis of female anatomy, we're here to uncover the buzz and answer any questions you may have about hip dips.

What Are Hip Dips?

what are hip dips

For starters, this is not an exercise. Hip dips, or violin hips, are simply hip dents that you can visually see. It basically describes the indent that occurs after your hip and before your thigh begins. Take a look in a mirror you have these so called "hip dips?" You should know that having hip dips doesn't have to do with having excessive fat in the area and it shouldn't make you want to fill in your hips now. Hip dips are completely normal and it's simply how your body was built.

What Causes Hip Dips?

What Are Hip Dips?

Hip dips are indentations that occur when your hip bone is located higher than your femur. This then causes fat and muscle to cave inward. Ironically, women who have hourglass figures and don't have a hip dip usually have a higher fat deposit in that concave area. This helps to fill it out, which is what women with hip dips lack. Therefore, the cause of hip dips isn't a fat or weight loss thing. It's just a strange thing that has everything to do with your natural anatomy. So what if your hip bone sits a tad higher than your femur? Embrace it girl.

How To Avoid & Resolve Hip Dips

What Are Hip Dips?

If you are self-conscious of your hip dips, then there are exercises that can help you work the muscles in the hip dip area. Keep in mind you can't completely get rid of hip dips, but you can make them less noticeable. Find workouts that target your hips, thighs, abdominal, and glutes. Some of the best exercises to help resolve hip dips are side hip openers (fire hydrants), lunges, standing or lying down side leg lifts, squats, glute bridges, and leg kickbacks. You can also try to avoid hip dips by living a healthier lifestyle - exercise, eat well, hydrate, and take good care of yourself. When you look good, you feel good - right? You can choose to spend all day and night fighting the natural anatomy of your body trying to fill in your hips, but in the end you're better off being happy and and practicing body positivity. 

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