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Burn Fat Fast Through Heart Rate Zone Monitoring

Burn Fat Fast Through Heart Rate Zone Monitoring

February 09, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

If you've ever been curious about heart rate zones, then here's your chance to learn and try it for yourself. iTOUCH Wearables' iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker has a built-in heart rate monitor to help you track your health status. You can easily set your heart rate zones and get started with this function to prevent over-training and injuries. Do this by following set heart rate zones, or creating customizable ones. 

What Are Target Heart Rate Zones?

Burn Fat Fast Through Heart Rate Zone Monitoring

In simple terms, target heart rate training just means you track your heart rate during workouts and try to keep it within a set intensity range or “zone” that corresponds to your fitness goal. This function is great to help improve results, specifically burning fat faster. Typically, target heart rate zones are calculated using your maximum heart rate, which is the highest number of times your heart can safely beat in one minute. Then, different zones are made for you based on an intensity level or percentage of your max heart rate. Nonetheless if your heart rate information seems off at the end of your workout - they're too high or too low based on how hard you felt like you were working - then you may need to set custom heart rate zones for yourself.

Fat Burning Heart Rate

Burn Fat Fast Through Heart Rate Zone Monitoring

Each target heart rate zone taps into a different energy system in the body, which produces specific results. For example, hard cardio will build your cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength, while a vigorous workout will increase your performance speed. In order to optimize your fat burning through heart rate monitoring, you need to be performing a moderate workout. This zone is actually called "fat burn," with an intensity of 50 to 69 percent of your max hour. Therefore for the best fat burning results, ease up on your workout to stay in the zone.

Benefits of Heart Rate Tracking

Burn Fat Fast Through Heart Rate Zone Monitoring

Adjusting your pace and keeping track of your heart rate using an iFitness Activity Tracker are key here to burn fat fast. Heart rate tracking helps you evaluate your workout and see what you should be doing differently or consistently next time in your workout. You'll truly see what is most valuable to your body. Plus the more your work out with your heart rate, the more you'll be able to track patterns in your fitness program. This is crucial to determine if you're spending too little or too much time at any particular exercise intensity. Then as a result, you'll hit your fitness goals faster, say goodbye to fat, and put yourself at a less risk for injury or over-training.

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