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Best Winter Activities To Do Before The Season Ends

Best Winter Activities To Do Before The Season Ends

February 25, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Looking to actually get outside this winter? Instead of staying in and cozying up in bed for the tenth time this past week, why not invest in exploring in the countless winter activities that are available to try before the season ends. While there are more basic options such as ice skating or skiing, try doing something new and dive into the many festivals, winter gatherings, and preplanned activities that are available all over the country. Here are some of the best winter activities we found to do before the season ends:

Try Snow Tubing In New York and More

If you are a fan of the snow, consider hitting up New York and the surrounding states for some of the best snow tubbing spots in the nation. From Camelback Mountain to Mount Peter, any mountain near New York will surely please any thrill-seeker. Make sure you bundle up, grabbing your largest jacket and scarf, and maybe grab a cup of hot chocolate! Here are some of the best tubing spots to check out:


  • Windham Mountain Adventure Park: Windham Mountain Adventure Park is not only good for skiing, but offers a ton of spots for the most open of tubers. You can choose your own path with over six tubing spots, where you can rocket down a 650 foot slope! Be sure to hold on tight as their canvas-lined tubes provide a little added bump experience that will surely provide some extra fun. (Found At Windham, New York)
  • Hunter Mountain: Hunter Mountain provides one of the largest tubing trails in New York, with one trail extend to more than 1,000 feet. If you bring your kids here, you'll be glad to know that the trail goes straight down, so it will be easy to keep an eye on your little ones. (Found At Hunter, New York)
  • Camelback Mountain: Camelback as it all! An indoor waterpark, ski slopes, and a huge number of tubing trails. Camelback offers over 40 tubing trails that any tuber will find amazing. There is even a race option that will surely please! (Found At Tannersville, Pennsylvania) 
  • Mount Peter: Mount Peter is an hour outside of New York City, featuring numerous 600ft slope paths that will surely spark the childhood wonder in any adult tuber. (Found At Warwick, New York)

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is an easy way to boost your mental health while elevating levels of self-confidence and esteem. Ice skating is a social, stress-free, and fun activity that can be done with friends, family, or even your partner - and getting outside is a great way to also get in some added health benefits. Looking for the best places to go ice skating, we got you covered:

  • BlueCross Roller Rink Winterfest: Located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, BlueCross Roller Rink is a winter wonderland located on the Delaware River waterfront. With amazing sites and lovely added attraction, it will surely please! Get there now as the Winterfest ends on March 7, 2020. 
  • Wollman Rink: Located in Central Park in New York City, Wollman Rink offers an incredible balance between nature and city, with dazzling skylines providing a backdrop to your skating session. Their skating season ends on March 29, 2020 so act fast!
    • Added Bonus: Are you a fan of the MoMA? You are in luck! You can get a combo ticket to the Museum of Modern Art and Wollman Rink that includes a skate rental - starts at $38 per person and also includes at 21 Century Department Store gift card. 
  • The Rink at Rockefeller Center: A picture-perfect place, the Rink at Rockefeller Center is the ideal place for any date and romantic evening out. Their rink is even open later the winter season, closing sometime in April 2020! 

The Fur Rendezvous

The Fur Rendezvous is an event that takes place from late February to early March that offers an array of different activities for any age. Originally a way to break up the dreariness of the long Alaskan winters, the Fur Rendezvous, or the Fur Rhondy for short, is a huge festival in Anchorage, Alaska that features events such as the Alaska State Snow Sculpture Competition, the Open World Championship Sled Dog Race, a "blanket toss", and even a snowshoe softball tournament!

Tahoe Snowfest

The Tahoe Snowfest is an event that takes place in the first week of March that is located on the north and west side of Lake Tahoe. It is a ten-day long winter sport festival that includes a numerous amount of different activities for all ages. Some of the best include "The Great Ski Race", the dog pull, the Sunnyside Annual Luau, and an annual Donner Ididaron.

Frozen Dead Guy Days

Do not let the name deceive you. This quirky event takes place in the mountainous town of Nederland, Colorado and pays homage to Bredo Morstal, who is frozen in a state of suspended animation. The three day frosty festival offers over 30 live bands, 3 heated tents featuring craft beer and local brews, and 14 delicious food vendors! There is a coffin run, a costume polar bear plunge, and more! This event takes place during the first week of March so act fast!

Mammoth Mountain Pond Skim

Even if you are in the middle of California, you can still get a chance to take part of some winter fun! Travel to Mammoth Mountain to experience the Mammoth Pond skim, and event where snowboarders and skiers dress up in crazy fun costumes and try to skim across at 1050-ft-long pond. Let's say some people make it - but many don't! It is an outlandish and exciting event that will surely make you laugh! They even have a party afterwards for some added excitement
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