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What Are The Curved Treadmill Benefits?

What Are The Curved Treadmill Benefits?

December 21, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

The treadmill can be a great cardio workout. Well now, a new curved treadmill has been introduced into the treadmill family. This machine has new benefits that can help you during your fitness journey. If you want to find out more about the curved treadmill, continue reading for the curved treadmill benefits. 

What Is The Curved Treadmill?

What Are The Curved Treadmill Benefits?

The curved treadmill has surpassed the original and stepped up everyone's game. You can mainly see these new machines at rehabilitation systems and high-tech fitness centers. The machine uses vertical and horizontal angles to easily go from running to walking strides. The curve is a concave running machine that is powered by your legs. There is zero electricity running through the machine. You move the belt using the balls of your feet which pushes your body forward as you do. It also allows you to pace yourself naturally as opposed to pushing buttons and going from fast to slow in a few seconds. The purpose of these machines has been to gain a more comfortable running experience and improve workouts. 

Curved Treadmill Benefit #1: Your Body

What Are The Curved Treadmill Benefits?

The technique that is required to move this treadmill propels the body forward. This mirrors the outside motions. The curved treadmill benefit comes from using more muscles than the basic flat treadmill. The glutes and hamstrings are now being incorporated more forcefully with a curved treadmill workout. This treadmill allows for natural running form and reduces the stress put on the joints. There is also much more core engagement because you need a form of balancing technique. This balance can help to improve your posture because you are learning to control each stride you take. You are able to burn 30-40% more calories on this machine compared to the original treadmill. The curved treadmill also increases the intensity of the workout. The curved treadmill increases the exertion put forth by the body by 10% and accelerates your heart rate 22% more than and ordinary treadmill. 

Curved Treadmill Benefit #2: Safety

What Are The Curved Treadmill Benefits?

Every gym should consider obtaining a curved treadmill, simply for all the safety benefits. Since there is no electricity being used, this machine is actually more environmentally-friendly. The machine actually has a longer life-time expectancy and will be a great investment that can last. Being that there are no motorized parts, there is essentially nothing that can break. Service costs to the gym are kept to a minimum with this machine. The belt located on the curved treadmill has much more grip for runners. Regular treadmills tend to a more cotton or nylon belt where as the curved one does not. 

How To Train On A Curved Treadmill

What Are The Curved Treadmill Benefits?

Curved treadmills can be used in the same manner as you would for a regular one. The curved treadmill does have some stronger points than the flat treadmill. Sprint training, HIIT workouts, and group training are the 3 major areas that are the best to do on the curved treadmill. This treadmill has no motor, so sprint training can be done at the runner discretion. They start up quickly with waiting for the motor to speed up and can slow down when desired. For elite athletes, this treadmill can handle HIIT workouts well. The belt mirrors that of the outside, allowing the runner to mimic a road or field. Speed is also not limited with this machine, so you can run as fast as you please. Group training is great for this machine because runners can easily hop on and off and the belt immediately stops. This makes it able to handle fast changes between users and  abilities. 

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