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What Are The Best Potassium Rich Foods?

What Are The Best Potassium Rich Foods?

November 02, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

Did you know there are actually foods with more potassium than bananas? Potassium is a vital miner and electrolyte that your body needs to function properly. Your average potassium should be 4,700 milligrams. Continue reading for the best potassium rich foods for your body. 

What Is Potassium?

What Are The Best Potassium Rich Foods?

Potassium is necessary for everyone to survive. It is a mineral that helps your body to work at its optimal ability. It helps your muscles to contract, your nerves to function, and your heartbeat to stay regular. If your diet consists of a lot of potassium, it can off set some of your sodium intake. Adults should consume about 4,700 milligrams of potassium per day. Most people do not receive this much. If you are deficit in potassium, you can experience fatigue, weakness, and  constipation. If the condition worsens, in extreme cases it can cause paralysis, respiratory failure, and gut obstructions. Too much of it can also negatively impact your health. Normally the body releases excess through the urine. When you take potassium supplements, the body cannot release the extra amounts fast enough. It is important to find the right balance when ingesting potassium. 

Foods With Large Amounts of Potassium

What Are The Best Potassium Rich Foods?

There are a variety of foods filled with massive amounts of potassium. Avocado, spinach, beans, and butternut squash are all loaded with potassium. Avocados are packed with healthy fats and vitamin K. Half of an avocado is filled with 487 grams of potassium alone. By eating a full avocado, you are receiving 20% of you daily intake of potassium.They are also free of cholesterol and very low sodium.Avocados should be included in every household, especially because they can be a part of all meals throughout the day. On the other hand, everyone knows that spinach is filled with valuable vitamins, but did you know potassium was one of them? 1 cup of spinach equals 540 grams of potassium. It also contains vitamin A and magnesium. Spinach is the powerhouse of vegetables. White beans are known as peas, kidney beans, and lima beans. Just 1 cup of these beans has twice the amount of potassium as a banana. They contain 829 milligrams of potassium. White beans are also a great source of vitamin B, iron, and plant based protein. Black beans are a staple food in Central and Southern America. 1 cup of these beans contain 611 milligrams of potassium. Both of these beans can be incorporated into meals such as soups or salads. Butternut squash is a sweet and tangy winter food, which usually is prepared as a soup and can be a source as well.

Imbalanced Potassium Levels

What Are The Best Potassium Rich Foods?

Potassium is very serious and sometimes complicated to control. Hypokalemia is known as having low levels of potassium. Most of the time, this can be treated with over-the-counter supplements. However, they only work if your kidneys are in good shape. If the condition does not resolve itself, you may need to be placed on an intravenous drip. This will rid the body of any sodium and help to return your electrolytes to normal. A side effect to this is that they can negatively impact your digestive system. You should always consult a doctor first. Hyperkalemia is high levels of potassium within the body. This can be treated with prescription pills prescribed to you by your doctor. Other forms of treatment may include diuretics or an enema. Severe cases may include dialysis for people with bad kidneys. However, they may also try insulin or glucose. Potassium is a tricky mineral within the body and should be checked regularly. 

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