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Ways To Promote Brain Health With Your Smartwatch

Ways To Promote Brain Health With Your Smartwatch

March 09, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Your smartwatch is truly an incredible tool - from being a fitness tracker, to being an organizational system on your wrist, there are endless ways to hack your life and daily routine with your smartwatch. When it comes to your own brain's health, your smartwatch can be an essential aid in being sure your brain remains healthy and strong. Your brain is the most amazing tool in your body, allowing you to think creatively, show emotion and feeling, communicate, and even more - so treat it well! These are ways to promote brain health with your very own smartwatch.

Improve Your Brain Health By Getting Quality Sleep

One of the most efficient ways to promote your brain's health is by getting a good night's rest. Your brain does not shut off when you are asleep, but rather works in processing and consolidating all the information that you have learned that day, trying to make sense of it. Psychologists have long suggested that our brains create dreams in order to make sense of all the information it contains, trying to produce an interpretation of what it can mean - some literal and some not. If this is true, you can really solve an issue or gain information by "sleeping on it." If you do not get a good night's rest and sleep, you may not be able to think clearly about coming up with solutions to problems, you may have had the day before or goals you have for the day. 

In being able to make sure you get a full night's of rest, try tracking your sleep through your smartwatch's sleeping monitor. Using the iTouch Wearable's app, you can track your sleeping trends, being able to track the time spent at full rest, light sleep, or time awake. It will also track the total amount of time sleeping, while providing you with a sleep quality score. The better the score, the better sleep you had, which means the better your brain will be able to focus during the day. 

Improve Your Brain Health Through Exercise

Psychologists over the years have preached that exercise is a natural remedy for promoting emotional, physical, and mental well-being. Exercise is free, generally being free from negative side effects. Physical activity can help promote blood flow, getting oxygen and increased levels of glucose to your brain. Exercise also promotes physical coordination, so every workout you do aids in boosting brain health. Exercise also helps in promoting the growth of new brain cells known as "neurons," that help in creating brain cell connections. The physical activity also promotes the production of three "growth factors," aiding in reducing inflammation, increasing the growth of new blood vessels, and decreasing cell self-destruction. A good workout can also boost cells within the hippocampus, which can aid in memory restoration. 

To track your fitness with your smartwatch, there are a number of tools to help:

  1. Calorie Tracker - Track the amount of calories you burn with the built-in feature for your smartwatch.
  2. Pedometer - Track the amount of steps you take with the pedometer feature. If you have a step-goal, your watch will tell you exactly the amount of steps needed to break your goal, while allowing you to raise your heart rate and boost the oxygen levels to your brain! 
  3. Heart Rate Monitor - Use the heart rate monitor to ensure you are getting the most out of your workout. Not only beneficial for your heart health, but for your brain as well! 

In working out, researches have even hypothesized there may be genuine intellectual improvements through exercise to help with IQ gain.

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