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How A Smartwatch Can Help Keep Your Goals Aligned This Year

How A Smartwatch Can Help Keep Your Goals Aligned This Year

January 29, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

There is an unlimited capability to what your smartwatch can do - from being more than just a device to tell time, you can unlock the potential to have it track your fitness goals, keep notes for you and help keep you organized, and even manage your day. With smartwatches becoming more popular than ever, there have been countless updates to ensure you can make the best out of your smartwatch. Here are some tips we have found on how a smartwatch can help you keep your goals aligned this year:

Use Your Smartwatch For Your Fitness Goals

Smartwatches can help provide easy access to some of the already famous fitness tracking smartphone apps, but can also provide sensor data like heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking which isn’t available on smartphones. You can use your smartwatch as a pedometer to count your steps, while also being able to provide you with your distance and pulse rate. There are countless opportunities your smartwatch can do in monitoring your fitness goals! Here are some other ways to monitor your health and fitness goals:

  1. Trying To Cut Back On Your Caffeine Intake: Use your smartwatches caffeine monitor to see how many cups of coffee you drink.
  2. Trying To Drink More Water: Track your water intake through your smartwatch. 
  3. Want To Monitor Your Stress: Track your stress through sensors in your smartwatch to help monitor your stress.

Use Your Smartwatch For Your Organization Goals

Is one of your goals for the New Year to stay more organized? Whether you are trying to be on top of your schedule or practice better time-management skills, your smartwatch is capable of doing just that. They can be used as a calendar to track important dates, send you reminders and updates about your schedule, and provide you with alarms and notifications if needed. There are countless apps to help you keep up your organization through your smartwatch, with these being some of our favorites:

  1. 24me: An app designed to make disorganized people organized, it aims to blend the aspects of task management, scheduling and calendaring, and bill-pay reminders into one incredible app. The app can connect to your Facebook and contacts, while providing a positive interface full of features to help you stay on task. 
  2. EasilyDo: EasilyDo is a customizable personal assistant app that allows for you to manage your everyday task. It is easy to use, while helping you save time and effort. It can be connected to either your Facebook and Twitter, and will also send you reminders when that one best-friend who's birthday you constantly forget is coming up. 
  3. Notes In Gear: Notes In Gear keeps all your notes and reminders together while helping you manage your checklist and goals. You can add and view notes, insert picture attachments if needed, check off your "to-do's", and even edit reminders if needed. You can even add time and location based alarms to help you keep up with your goals.  

Share with us how you use a smartwatch to keep your goals aligned for 2020 by tagging us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchwearables. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily!


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