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Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

December 08, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

As much as you plan for the holidays, there is always that one thing you forgot to buy or an unexpected gift you need to give. We all know that last-minute shopping is never easy and a hassle. Cash is not always the best option either. So what else can you get? Continue reading for this last minute holiday gift guide. 

Subscription Box 

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Whether for a boy or girl, there are so many subscription boxes out there. From a beauty box to clothes for women and fan gear or apparel for men - you can't go wrong with a gift like this. Especially that they are usually in contract for a year. It is like the gift that keeps on giving! Birchbox and Sephora offer yearly subscriptions where they send personalized beauty products to your home each month. You can also consider FabFitFun boxes. These boxes send an array of various product to your home. They can have the fun of receiving a new package every month for a year. For men, they have subscriptions like Fan Chest, Stitch Fix, and Birchbox Men.These subscriptions can cost anywhere from $50-$150 for the year. It is a great gift because you can learn about new and emerging trends in the fashion industry and try items before actually purchasing them. If you are looking for any easy gift, these boxes are they way to go. All you have to is order through the computer and it shows up right to their house. These are simple and easy gifts to give to any forgotten person on the list. They are also great because you can almost tailor the price to your needs by purchasing a longer or shorter period of time. 

Heated Car Blanket 

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone will be thankful for this gift at one point or another. A heated car blanket could possibly be the best gift ever. We all can relate to that horrible feeling when you first get in the freezing car in the morning and your entire body is shivering. Well, this blanket will come in handy in times like that. It can be ordered quickly and easily from popular websites like Amazon and Yeti. They plug into the car adapter and can stay on for long car rides. It is perfect for traveling to work and school during the winter months. This may not be the prettiest gift, but it sure is inventive! How many people can say that they have a heated car blanket? This is a practical gift with benefits to show for itself. Before buying this gift, make sure you read the reviews and that you are sure that it is specifically for the car. A regular heated blanket cannot plug into the car.   

Coffee/Restaurant Gift Cards

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

Everyone has a favorite place to eat or a favorite coffee shop. A gift certificate to one of these places will always be a successful present. This gift shows that you know them and pay attention to their likes and dislikes. When they open and see that you noticed their favorite thing, they will feel nothing but warmth and excitement in their hearts. They will especially like this because of those times they are on the go in the morning or at night, they can stop in and use their gift card without the hassle of having to take out any cash. Your recipient will definitely be thinking of you during this time. This gift also allows you to spend the desired amount of your choosing without any additional fees or issues. It is also extremely easy to obtain in a short period of time. Restaurants located in every neighborhood and coffee shops are double that. Not only is this a great last-minute gift, but it is also a great gift for those hard-to-buy-for people on your list. 

Show Or Game Tickets 

Last-Minute Holiday Gift Guide

A very fun and spontaneous gift is to gift tickets to a show or event that the that person may like to attend. This gift can double as a fun event to do together and a great holiday gift. This doesn't have to be something expensive or overwhelming. They will be very excited about the event and super surprised. Groupon is a great website when looking for something fun to do with others. They offer popular spots with amazing deals that you wouldn't normally get on the actual site. Some examples that would be great are wine and painting events, sky diving, or museum visits. Groupon is always changing the deals that they offer. If you check frequently and filter your search, you can come across things that you never knew existed or a new hobby that you both enjoy doing together. This takes a few minutes to browse the site and pick out a cool deal or event.    

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