Can You Complete the 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

Can You Complete the 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

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If you or someone you know is extremely into fitness, they have probably asked you how many pushups you can do. Pushups are one of the hardest upper body workouts to complete. They build strength, muscle, and endurance. Keep reading to see if you can complete the 30 day pushup challenge.

Benefits Of Daily Pushups

Can You Complete the 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

As you may already know, pushups are the greatest exercise for the body. They work the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders. If you do them properly, they also work the core and back. Essentially they can benefit the entire body in a few motions. If you are looking for an easy exercise to incorporate into your daily routine, you should try pushups. The 30 day push up challenge can lead to a total body transformation if taken seriously and eating the correct foods. You will notice muscle formation that may not have occurred without this exercise. 

Pushup Methods 

Can You Complete the 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

There are different ways in which you can do a pushup. These various methods will be incorporated into the 30 day challenge. 

Modified pushups - To perform a modified pushup, begin in kneeling position with your knees behind your hips on a mat so that your back is angled and long. Tuck your toes under, tighten abdominal muscles, and bend your elbows to lower your chest to the floor. Next, press your chest back up into starting position. You should always be looking in front of you and not down at the floor, this helps to keep the back straight. 

Elbow plank - The plank pose is a great way to stretch out the body and evolves the same formation and technique as a pushup. Just as a push up, it works the legs, upper arms, core, and shoulders. Begin on your hands and knees with your wrist aligned under your shoulder. Then, stretch our legs and tuck your toes under. Lower your elbows onto the floor. You should keep you head aligned with your spine. You must also be sure to keep your body totally straight and aligned or you will not receive any of the benefits.

Side plank - Side planks are used to strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles. Start by laying on your side with your feet together and your forearm directly below your shoulder. Next, contract your core and rise your hips until your body is straight on a diagonal. Hold this position for a few minutes. 

Tricep dips - To perform a tricep dip, you must find a stable chair, bench or step. Sit on the edge of the chair and firmly grip it with your hands facing forward. Your legs should be extended and your feet hip-width apart. Lift your body up and forward while bending your knees. Your elbows should be bent at a 90 degree angle. Then lift yourself back up on to the chair.

30 Day Pushup Challenge 

Can You Complete the 30 Day Pushup Challenge?

Day 1 - 15 modified pushups

Day 2 - 1 minute elbow plank 

Day 3 - 3:1 modified pushups. Lower your chest slowly for 3 seconds and rise up in 1 second. 

Day 4 - Plank with shoulder taps. Alternate taping your shoulder while in plank formation for 1 minute. 

Day 5 - Rest day.

Day 6 - Shoulder tap modified pushup. While doing modified pushups, alternate tapping each shoulder. 

Day 7 - Side plank.

Day 8 - Tricep dips.

Day 9 - 10 sets of ordinary pushups (not modified).

Day 10 - Rest day.

Day 11 - Modified pushups for 10 reps.

Day 12 - Pushups with alternating side planks. This is a standard pushup and transition into alternating into side planks. 

Day 13 - Superman plank. Start in plank formation and walk each hand forward and then back for 10 reps

Day 14 - 15 reps of tricep dip.s

Day 15 - Rest day. 

Day 16 - 20 reps of modified pushups.

Day 17 - Walking plank. This is transitioning from an elbow plank to a standard plank for 15 reps. 

Day 18 - 2 sets of 15 tricep dips.

Day 19 - 10 Pushups.

Day 20 - Rest day.

Day 21 - 15 pushups

Day 22 - Side plank with hip taps on the floor for 15 reps on each floor. 

Day 23 - Mountain climbers. This is plank position but bringing each knee inward towards your chest. Alternate each leg for 15 reps.

Day 24 - Plank for 1 minute. 

Day 25 - Rest day.

Day 26 - 30 second side planks in between 15 pushups.

Day 27 -  15 tricep dips.

Day 28 - 20 pushups

Day 29 - Rest day.

Day 30 - 20 Pushups


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