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8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

October 07, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT, may not be something we love to do, but it is the most beneficial. HIIT workouts are short interval workouts of extreme and intense exercise. Most of us have a busy schedule and feel that we can't fit in a workout. HIIT activity is your best bet for getting a fast and effective workout. Keep reading for more benefits of HIIT. 

Burn Calories Fast

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

Burning calories fast is something we all want to do. We are constantly thinking, "how can we be most effective?" HIIT has been proven to burn about 30% more calories than exercises like biking or running. When the body is performing intense activity, it not only burns calories while you are working out, but it continuously burns them all day long. You can burn calories for up to 24 hours after your work out has been completed. Doing it a few times a week can lead to you achieving your ultimate weight loss goal. You body's metabolism is kicked into overdrive!

Build Muscle

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

Not only will you lose weight, but you will build muscle. HIIT is a great way to train your muscles. This is only capable if you include the right motions into your workout. There are certain movements that you can incorporate into your HIIT workout for muscle expansion. Motions like kettle bell swings, medicine ball throws, jump squats, and power push-ups will all help to gain muscle. You should do at least 60 seconds of vigorous workout and then rest for the same amount of time. 

No Equipment Necessary

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

Getting to the gym can be tough. With HITT, you can perform your workout in your own home or backyard. Things like running and biking can be considered part of a HIIT routine. You must combine them with exercises like high knees, jump squats, and jump lunges. Anything that is going to get your heart rate up to its maximum potential. In fact, if you use weights in your HIIT workout, it can actually be less effective. You will end up being more focused on the weight lifting aspect and not about getting your heart rate up. 

Increases Metabolism

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

Your body is continuously burning fat for hours, but it also increasing your metabolism to burn fat faster. After a workout, your body channels stored fat particles and burns them to help your body recover from the workout. If you are looking to increase your metabolism, your best chance is to perform HIIT workouts. HIIT is proven better than any other method of fitness. 2 minutes of sprinting in short intervals can be equivalent to 30 minutes of running. With an increased metabolism, you are more likely to burn larger amounts of calories. 

Great For The Heart 

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

HIIT is a great way to exercise the whole body, including the heart. This is only achieved when you push yourself close to your limits. You must perform the workout intensely and only rest for a few seconds in between. Most people are not used to this type of activity. Adults should strive for at least 150 minutes of vigorous activity each week. This can also be 30 minutes a day. Some easy ways to achieve this are walking as fast as you can for 2 minutes and then walking at a normal pace for 2 minutes. The same can be said for swimming, the treadmill, elliptical, or stationary bike. 

Improve Your Oxygen Rate 

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

Another great benefit to including HIIT into your daily activity is that it can increase your oxygen intake. Doing a HIIT workout 4 times a week can improve your oxygen about 10%. This is just as effective as doing 40 minutes of exercise. Oxygen is important for muscles to perform at their greatest ability. This also means that the more oxygen you have coming into your body, the less tired you will be. By increasing your ability to take in oxygen, you are also increasing your endurance levels. You will also be able to complete activity without stopping because you are out of breath. 

Blood Sugar 

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

With any form of cardio, your blood sugar decreases significantly. HIIT training is anaerobic training workout. This means that the body breaks down glucose and uses it for energy. How it works is by increasing your blood sugar during activity and then significantly lowering it after. This can be tricky for people living with type 2 diabetes. They need to find the perfect balance between HIIT and their health. This mostly has to do with the time of day you are performing your exercise and if you have eaten anything. These factors can increase or decrease your blood sugar.   

Lowers Blood Pressure

8 Benefits of High Intensity Interval Exercise

HIIT can lower blood pressure because it reduces the stiffness from the walls of the arteries. HIIT is constantly proven more effective than traditional cardio in this aspect. Some people have even been taken off their blood pressure meds by participating in HIIT exercises regularly. Physical activity can reduce many symptoms that require medication. The natural method is always better than the pills!  

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