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How To Make Those Harsh Wake Ups A Little Easier

How To Make Those Harsh Wake Ups A Little Easier

August 16, 2019 / iTouch Wearables

Sleeping is probably everyone’s favorite part of the day. After a hard day, lying in bed is a great feeling that we all can relate to. On the other hand, waking up is most likely at the bottom of that list, especially if it is to do an early morning workout. So if you’re one of these people, here are a few tips and tricks to make waking up for morning workouts easier.

Start With The Alarm

How To Make Those Harsh Wake Ups A Little Easier

Being prepared to wake up early is the key. With technology these days, many people can now set their devices to play music as opposed to a common alarm clock. Set your alarm to a great song that’s going to pump you up for the day. A suggestion would be something with a bit more of an up-beat tune. Warning: it may be a shocker the first morning, but it is sure to work. Another part to this step is leaving the alarm in a separate room. This is going to force you out of bed and walk in order to turn the sound off. Now you will be waking to good song and not a dreadful alarm.

Be Prepared

How To Make Those Harsh Wake Ups A Little Easier

The night before a workout you should plan out all of your necessities that you will need to bring with you. For example, the thing that is probably going to take you the longest is choosing your outfit. This stops all of the contemplation and hesitation over deciding what you are going to wear. This will also make your mornings go a lot quicker (so maybe you can get an extra 5 mins in bed). You should also pack your gym bag. Collect your wallet, phone, keys, etc. this way you do not have to deal with that frantic feeling of looking for your belongings and being on a schedule.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

 How To Make Those Harsh Wake Ups A Little Easier

Many people these days are skipping breakfast. This should not be the case when you are working out. Putting food in the body first thing in the morning wakes up your metabolism and starts the body for the day. Like previously stated, technology helps us all in the morning. You can order your breakfast ahead of time and pick it up on the way to your daily workout session. This makes less of a hassle than making breakfast at home and taking it to go. There is no clean up time required. However if you are someone who enjoys making breakfast, we suggest making a smoothie the night before and placing it in the fridge as a “Grab & Go” method.

Simple things that are done ahead of time can save you tremendous amount of time in the morning. Tasks like changing your alarm sound will make the wake up much easier. Hope these tricks have helped make your wake up for morning workouts easier and more exciting.

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