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How Soon Can You Workout After Giving Birth?

How Soon Can You Workout After Giving Birth?

August 19, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Whether you're a mom runner or a woman gym guru in general, this question probably crossed your mind: "How soon can I go back to working out after giving birth?" The time frame and how it feels is honestly different for everyone. Nonetheless, here's some advice for returning to exercising after pregnancy. 

Listen To Your Doctor, Heart, & Body

How Soon Can You Workout After Giving Birth?

At the end of the day, it's best to consult a doctor to see how soon you can go back to working out. They are the ones who can assess the impact the pregnancy had on your body and the general timeline for how long you should wait. A general recommendation is 6 weeks after giving birth, but even that may not be enough for a mother. You need both your mind and body to feel ready to go back, and do not feel any pressure to rush it by any means. You have to be honest with yourself about this and truly listen to your heart as well. 

Prepare For Minor Struggles

How Soon Can You Workout After Giving Birth?

You may think that you'll feel lighter and more amazing after losing the weight of the baby inside of you. Nonetheless, prepare for a long and bumpy road ahead. It's normal to struggle when first starting out again, so try not to get too frustrated with what you used to be able to do versus now. You're incredible for even thinking about getting out there to exercise, and you'll be back to your best self before you know it. Enjoy any movement and workout you can do, and be sure to keep your ego out of it. Accept that there will be setbacks, and that doesn't mean you're a failure by any means. Your body and priorities have now changed, and that's completely okay!

Create Your Own Plan

 How Soon Can You Workout After Giving Birth?

Since every body is different, you really need to create your own path and game plan after birth. Some women get right back into working out without any issues, while some have a harder time and need to wait much longer. This is your journey, so you're in control. Don't do anything you don't feel comfortable doing. Trust your body, listen to yourself, embark on your own adventure getting back into exercise after birth!

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