Gym Bag Essentials To Always Carry With You

Gym Bag Essentials To Always Carry With You

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Just like everything else in life, you should always be equipped and prepared beforehand. To make your workouts most effective, there are certain gym bag essentials to always carry with you. And if you don't have a gym bag, you should consider getting one now. Here are some of the items to pack and keep in your gym bag!

Extra Shirt

Gym Bag Essentials To Always Carry With You

An extra shirt is the first gym bag essential, and trust us - you'll thank us later. Working hard at the gym, especially with long workout sessions, will naturally lead to you sweating. Carrying that extra apparel will give you an option if the shirt you're wearing suffers too much wear and tear or dampness. Plus, wearing fresh clothes instead of wet ones actually provides a psychological boost and motivates us to work harder, so you may want to change halfway through your workout anyway. Of course, this extra shirt will also come in handy if you plan to go out somewhere once you're done exercising. 

Energy Drinks & Snacks

Hydration is important for our body, and carrying plenty of water in a water bottle is crucial during workouts. Not only does staying hydrated keep your energy levels up, but it keeps your joints lubricated so you don’t have pain during your reps! Other liquids can help too, such as healthy fruit juices or energy drinks to boost your metabolism with nutrition. In addition, 30 minutes after a workout, a protein shake or snack is essential for your body in order to give your muscles the raw materials it needs to heal quicker. These fluids and energy snacks can improve your workout efficiency if packed with you, so they're a must.

Personal Hygiene Items

Gym Bag Essentials To Always Carry With You

This may seem like a given, but many people forget to pack these gym bag essentials! You're going to be hot and sweaty, and you want to be able to continue your workout without disturbing people around you. Changing your shirt isn't always going to solve a body odor or wetness problem. Therefore, consider carrying a deodorant stick and perfume spray to continue smelling good during an intense workout session. It's also wise to carry a soap to gently cleanse your skin after each workout, a hair brush, and dry shampoo to get the sweat and grease out of your hair. 

Sweat Rag Or Towel

Furthermore, carrying a towel is one of the most important elements to a gym bag, as it's necessary for both personal and public hygiene. You should not let your sweat stay on the gym equipment or drip off your body excessively. Every machine or equipment used should be wiped away with a towel for public sanitation. In addition, using a towel for yourself - specifically an outdoor workout when there isn’t any air conditioning and the temperatures are sweltering - is essential to keep your sweating in check.

Gym Accessories

Gym Bag Essentials To Always Carry With You

Depending on the type of workout you plan on doing, you may want to carry certain gym bag essentials with you in your bag. Gym accessories can include bands, jump rope, gloves, mats, etc. These allow you to avoid using gym equipment which might be loaded with bacteria, while allowing you to bring the gym with you no matter where you are. Another gym bag accessory many of us forget are our headphones. Catchy music actually motivates us to workout harder, boosting our mood and emotions. And let's not forget your iFitness activity tracker to track your fitness progress and goals!

First Aid Kit

Working out is an intense and exhausting activity. We're not saying to buy a super high-tech first aid kit, but you should have some gym bag essentials packed in case an accident happens. General first aid items include band-aids, pain relief spray, antibacterial ointment, ace bandages, medical tape, and instant ice packs. These will hold you over until you can fully treat yourself at home or at a doctor. Having first aid handy in your gym bag is also great if you're outside and not near any facilities, so it's better to be safe than sorry!

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