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Favorite Fall Clothing Trends

Favorite Fall Clothing Trends

November 10, 2019 / Franki D'Ambrosio

If you're not really sure what to wear this fall, don't worry - we have you covered! It is time to get shopping and splurge on some new outfits for the season. You may recognize some of these trends but some are totally new. Continue reading for some favorite fall clothing trends we are seeing this season!

Mini Purse 

Favorite Fall Clothing Trends

While everything seems to be getting bigger and wider, bags and purse continue to get smaller. Soon your phone will not even fit inside your purse. However, this mini purse trend is all the rage right now in the fashion industry. While functionality may not be the focus of the item, the status is. High-end designers were the first to introduce these bags into the world. Now everyone can join the trend because all retailers are now selling these great little accessories. You may come to love these tiny bags with a new found freedom. Think about it, there's less to carry and less to worry about! However for those of you who carry a bigger bag, this may be a difficult transition. Style definitely comes before functionality with this item. Nonetheless, if you want to be up-to-date on the latest fall trends, you need one of these mini purses by your side.   

Belted Blazer 

Favorite Fall Clothing Trends

The basic item that everyone has in their closet just got reinvented with this fall 2019 trend. The ideal scenario is to have an over sized blazer and wrap a belt around it that has a stunning buckle of some kind. However the trend is evolving to include any type of blazer and any belt. Blazers have become an item that is not solely meant for business. You can wear them anywhere and in any situation. The addition of the belt creates a curve on your body and makes this a flattering look for everyone. You can switch up the waist line to improve the fit on your body. You can even pair this look with jeans or formal slacks for work. 

Matching Sets

Favorite Fall Clothing Trends

Matching sets have become a crucial trend in the athletic department. Companies have created entire outfits around one print or one common color theme. From sports bras and leggings to sweat jackets and t-shirts as well. This is something that everyone should want because it eliminates the need to search through your closet for matching garments and saves time getting dressed. It might even increase your desire to workout. Athletic companies are finding new and trendy ways to keep consumers interested. If you plan on working out or going to the gym, do it in a new matching set. Not only is this a casual trend, but it can also include business attire. Besides the basic suit, you can now collect matching blouses and bottoms. Shopping just became super easy and less time-consuming!  

Neon On Neon

Favorite Fall Clothing Trends

You can't miss the neon trend! This trend dominated the market during spring and is here to stay for fall as well. If you keep up with celebrity social media then you have seen that they are loving this trend. This trend has entered both the fitness and business world. If you are someone that exercises regularly, these colors may be beneficial to you. Working out late at night can be harmful especially if you are not visible to others. However, no one will be able to miss you if you are wearing this trend. If you plan on wearing anything neon at the office, you will definitely be on trend. Suits and blazers are becoming more fun with these new colors. If you're looking to spice up your fall wardrobe, avoid the normal black and browns this season and go for all things neon!  

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