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Tips to Go from Workout to Night Out

Tips to Go from Workout to Night Out

August 21, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

With a hectic schedule, you probably have plans back-to-back and no time to get ready. You barely have a minute to catch your breath, so how can you look good from day to night? We discovered a perfect routine to transition from a sweat session to social outing. Here are our tips to go from workout to night out!

Go Sweat-Proof With Beauty

Tips to Go from Workout to Night Out

Hair and makeup are the two most time-consuming activities when getting ready. Save yourself some time by rocking a retro gym hairstyle and sweat-proof makeup! We're not saying to do a complete face, but you can wear light makeup to the gym with the essentials that will stay on all night. Plus hair-dos look best when you have you have dirty hair, so you can play around with an array of buns and braided hairstyles. Then don't forget to make your perfume last through it all!

Choose Your Outfit Wisely

Tips to Go from Workout to Night Out

You're most likely shoving your night out attire into your gym bag, so choose your outfit wisely. You want to pack a non-wrinkle outfit that's still acceptable to go out in. Try soft clothes with movement like a jersey dress, which is perfect for walking around or dancing. Then don't forget your accessories and shoes. Keep jewelry to a minimal, such as a small ring or necklace you can wear while working out and don't have to take on and off. One of the best accessories is a fitness tracker, which looks fashionable no matter what setting you're in. Shoe-wise, pack your favorite heels or rock your fashionable sneakers to really make a statement with any outfit. If you need to lug your gym bag around with you all night, be sure it's a cute tote or small backpack so you can fully go gym to going out. 

Fake A Full Shower

Tips to Go from Workout to Night Out

Time is of the essence, and you're not going to have time to do a complete shower with washing your hair and full moisturizer. Once you're done working out, do just a quick body shower with cold water and soap. This will rinse the sweat off of you, while keeping your hair and makeup in tact. Use a few spritz of dry shampoo to help your hair out, quickly touch up your makeup, change into your outfit packed, and you're set for a night full of fun!

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