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Easy Ways To Cultivate Self-Love

Easy Ways To Cultivate Self-Love

February 12, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Self-love, like self-care, is a term that often gets thrown around a lot, but isn't quite understood. The thing is, self-care and self-love do go hand-in-hand, but you cannot have self-care without having self-love. Self-love is an essential key to living healthy and happy mentally and physically, while also being able to cultivate a sense of inner peace and well-being. It helps to bring a sense of internal self-worth while boosting confidence and mood. Self-love is essential to living well.

However, self-love is not simply about living a good life. It is about cultivating well-being that comes from within - a sense of growth through your character; mind, body, and spirit. A constant evolution that grows with us through age. It is an unconditional love for yourself, all of your strengths, all of your weaknesses - mistakes and all. Being able to be comfortable with the entirety of who you are. This might seem pretty scary, but becoming one with your vulnerability will prove so much greater on the other end. If you need a few tips on how to get started, here are some easy ways that we found work in cultivating self-love.

Be Mindful of Yourself & Your Needs

In practicing self-love, it is important to first be mindful of your needs and your wants. People who often portray high levels of self-love are aware of their potential and what they expect out of themselves and the world. In being mindful, they are able to gain a better understanding of who they are, gaining knowledge about their emotions, their thoughts, and their judgments. In doing so, being mindful helps us increase our self-esteem, helping us take on ourselves and the world in a much more simpler and gentle way. 

In being mindful, you are also backing away from things within your life that may be of distraction. It allows you to stay grounded, move forward, and remain focused on what you need rather than what you want. In staying focused, it will help you lessen your chances of repeating patterns that have caused you issues in the past while increasing the levels of self-love you have for yourself. 

Set Boundaries

In being able to say no, you will not only be increasing your own confidence, but it will allow you to form healthy boundaries that will benefit your mental health in the long run. Backing away from unhealthy work environments, activities or relationships can be tough, but the spiritual and emotional results will pay off. Setting boundaries shows self-love because you are moving away from things that cause you harm or add to stress or anxiety within your life. Creating these boundaries may just be needed for a little bit of time, but it helps you reflect on whether you want to allow these things or people back into your life again - which in the end, keeps your mental health and self-worth in check. 

Learn To Forgive Yourself

An essential part of learning to cultivate self-love is through the act of forgiveness. It is important to learn to forgive yourself, as we all often get ourselves got up in our minds with negative thoughts and self-doubt. In being able to accept our mistakes and our actions, we can learn to move on and move forward. There are no failures within life, rather there are lessons to be learned from past experiences. In a way to practice forgiveness, try this tip:

  • Write down all your thoughts and past actions that are bothering you or have left you with regret. Then get rid of them! Throw them out, flush them away, bury them, or safely burn them. The action you choose represents the idea of moving on and forgiving yourself.

Treat Yourself With Respect and Love

Instead of "treat others how you want to be treated," try practicing "treat yourself how you want others to treat you." It may seem silly, but learning to treat yourself with respect and courtesy is critical for your own self-love. Practicing daily affirmations or being able to give yourself a compliment in the mirror can help build your confidence while improving your self-esteem. 

If you want to be able to go done the path towards self-love, consider these tips! Consult with a friend, family member, trusted individual, or certified professional if you feel you need extra help.

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