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How To Start Practicing Mindfulness

How To Start Practicing Mindfulness

February 14, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Mindfulness is something that we have talked about before in previous posts, but never went super in-depth with. The idea of mindfulness comes from a natural quality that we all have - the ability to stay present within the moment, becoming one with our thoughts and our place within the universe. It provides a sense of grounding, that allows you to take into consideration all of your emotions and feelings. It results in being able to create space for ourselves, our thoughts, and our emotions, while being able to alleviate stress, reduce rumination, and decrease the chances of negative thinking. If you want to begin practicing being mindful and present in the moment, here are some quick tips that we've found to start practicing mindfulness.

Make It A Priority

In beginning to practice mindfulness, it is important to first be able to create the time needed to make mindfulness your priority. By giving yourself at least five minutes a day can help in beginning your practice. Put away any distractions that may occur and take time to focus on the importance of your meditation. To even help you further make mindfulness your priority, we suggest writing down your intentions for the day, making it a goal to meditate on those intentions for the day. Not only will it produce an attitude of gratitude, but you'll feel much more accomplished in being able to reflect on your goals and take time to clear your head and create more positive thoughts. 

Create A Sacred Meditation Space

In creating a sacred meditation space for yourself, decide exactly where you want to meditate and why it is an important place for you to meditate. Think about a cozy, quiet place in which you can go - that is also free of distractions and influences that may interfere with your practices. For some, it might be a place within your house that is secluded from others, or it might even be a place in the park or woods that provides a different change of scenery. Where ever it may be, make sure comfort is key and there are moments of undisturbed alone time. 

Try Replacing Bad Habits with Good Ones

If you find that there are bad habits getting in the way of your mindfulness practices, try replacing bad habits with good ones. For example, if you find yourself waking up and then immediately taking 20 minutes to scroll through your Instagram, try replacing those 20 minutes with 20 minutes of meditation and mindfulness. Awake with the natural world around you, feeling the energy from the rising of the sun, the sound of birds and insects, or the sounds of the passing-by commuters and travelers. Getting away from technology for a moment and letting your body naturally wake up with things around you will certainly not only help clear your mind but help center your thoughts on what you need to get done within that day. 

In Putting Mindfulness Into Action

If you want to put your mindfulness into practice, here are some quick ideas to practice mindfulness during the day:

Morning Practice:

  • When waking up consider the following:
    • Take notice of the light in the room - notice which side is dark and where the light shines more
    • Note the sounds in the room and outside
    • Connect your breathing to that around you, and take a few minutes to breathe in and out

    Midday Practice:

    • While on break from work, try the following:
      • Take note of the goals you have for the day, set your intentions
      • Be grateful for the work you have done and the accomplishments you have put in

    Evening Practice:

    • Before turning in for the night, thinking about the following:
      • Pay attention to when your mind wanders while getting ready for bed
      • When doing your nightly routine, take longer time to finish
      • Be aware of your body movements and how you feel after each activity

    When being to start practicing mindfulness you may not see the results right away, but over time you will find that there are many positive effects that can help improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual self. 

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