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Best Workout Subscriptions To Try At Home

With quarantine and social distancing being more important than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has mandated that millions of people around the world need to stay indoors. Even more so, people are urged to reduce the amount of contact they have with others, being told to stay away from crowds, gatherings, and other social events where germs can easily spread.
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With quarantine and social distancing being more important than ever, the COVID-19 pandemic has mandated that millions of people around the world need to stay indoors. Even more so, people are urged to reduce the amount of contact they have with others, being told to stay away from crowds, gatherings, and other social events where germs can easily spread. This means that people have been missing out on their favorite gym classes, yoga sessions, and Zumba! But while your favorite boutique workout class or fitness center might be temporarily shut down in an attempt to get over the curve, that doesn’t mean you should stop sweating and remain active. In fact, working out might be one of the best ways you can pass time while you’re self-quarantined.

Exercise may help to boost your immune system in a few ways. For starters, according to MedlinePlus, when you work out, you can actually flush out bacteria from your lungs and airways. This means that you are increasing your white blood cell circulation and your body temperature, all of which could help your body fight infection better - meaning that during social distancing and a global pandemic, this is important more than ever!

On top of these body benefits, exercise is also a great stress-reliever. Continuing to exercise and maintain some semblance of a routine is crucial during these tumultuous times. The good news too is that you don’t have to own a Peloton bike or have any equipment to get in a good workout at home. There are actually many workout subscriptions you can get right off your TV or PC! If you are curious, check out these best workout subscriptions to try at home:

For Yoga or Meditation

If you need to chill out a bit, de-stress, or simply find your zen, these subscriptions may be exactly what you need:

Sky Ting TV

Price: Free seven-day trial; $20 a month

This New York City-based yoga studio has both meditation and yoga class available to stream to your phone, tablet or computer - all day and everyday. From quick yoga sequences for a little boost of energy, to guided meditations and even full-length restorative yoga classes, there’s something for every mood and everyone!

The Class by Taryn Tooney

Price: Free 14-day trial; $40 a month

Social distancing and quarantine can be quite stressful, which is why meditation and stress-relief is key! If you are looking for something to help, try The Class by Taryn Tooney. This therapeutic stress-relieving class involves jumping, body-weight exercises and breathing exercises that is set to music - just has if you were at the studio or your favorite Zumba class. It requires no equipment, but you do need an open mind. You can watch the classes on your smart TV, phone, tablet or computer.

For Cardio

If cardio is your thing, there are actually many options that may be the best for you! Check them out:


Price: Free seven-day trial; $15 a month

When a pair of earbuds may be the only piece of "gym equipment" that you have at home, following along to audio-guided workouts is the ideal situation. Aaptiv adds more than 30 “classes” each week, including anything from outdoor running routines to strength-training workouts. The good news too is that their smartphone app also offers workouts that can be done on an elliptical, bike or treadmill if you have your own equipment, making it a win-win situation for just about everyone! 

Nike Run Club

Price: Free

Want to try running or power-walking outside? The Nike Run Club app offers lots of workouts from top running coaches for all levels, whether you are a beginner or a running fanatic! The app allows you to track your distance and pace so you can ensure you’re getting your steps in despite sometimes being cooped up inside! 


Price: Free seven-day trial; $34.99 a month.

Is Zumba or dancing your thing? DanceBody is a fast-paced dance-inspired workout where you will follow choreographed dance routines for your workout! You won't only be getting your heart rate up, but you will be able to have fun and lift your mood. DanceBody releases new workouts each day, so you won’t get bored. The workouts can be streamed on your phone, tablet, computer or smart TV.

For Strength Training

Trying to get a strength workout in during quarantine? Get those apps and surprise everyone when you come out of social distancing with a little help from these apps:

Sweat by Kayla

Price: Free seven-day trial; $19.99 a month

Sweat by Kayla can help you build strength with no equipment. Her Sweat-App has easy-to-follow resistance workouts that are just about 28 minutes long. She even has a 10-minute workout that would be perfect for a boost of morning energy!

Centr Fit

Price: Free seven-day trial; $10 a month

Who wouldn't want to work out like “Thor!” Chris Hemsworth’s workout app, Centr (which is available to stream on iOS, Apple Watch and online) allows you to do challenging high-intensity interval training, boxing and strength workouts all from the safety of your home! You also get access to meal plans , including vegan and vegetarian options, that may be a healthy respite from your stress-baking.

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