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Benefits Of Starting A Bullet Journal

Benefits Of Starting A Bullet Journal

January 30, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Let me tell you - I used to love a good planner. I am someone that also tries to aim to be organized, and within my practices, I find that planner is the best way to write out all my responsibilities and duties for the week I need to get done. It keeps me feeling unstressed, up-to-date, and alleviates any frustrations I may have within falling behind. It also makes sure I do not overbook anything, which in having a busy schedule on a 9-to-5 and being a full-time student, it is needed more now than ever. 

If I must admit though, I sometimes have a hard time actually keeping up with my planner and actually writing down everything I need to get done. Within the moment, I am not usually thinking immediately about needing to write down the task I have at hand. Eventually, I had figured that it must be the routine. I felt that it didn't match my lifestyle and my personality. I am someone who thinks more visually than textually, and the method of just writing down things in a planner became too dull as my life grew more hectic and creative. 

Eventually, I had discovered what a bullet journal was through a co-worker of mine - and truthfully, it changed my life. Bullet journals provide you with a visual playing field that is truly customizable to that of the user. You fill it with what you want! There are countless opportunities that are involved in creating one, from staying up-to-date with plans and tasks that need to be done, or even tracking your mood for the day. There are hundreds of shared pictures and videos of people finding new ways to use theirs, and I find so much inspiration in how I create mine. I would never would have thought how incredibly beneficial it is to my life. 

If you yourself want to start a bullet journal, here are some helpful benefits I have found in starting my own bullet journal.

It Is A Budget-Friendly and Customizable Way To Journal

As I have mentioned before, every bullet journal is customizable, having no right or wrong way in starting one. I have spent years searching for planners that broke down my months into weeks, and my weeks into days, having hardly any luck unless I wanted to spend so much money on a leather-bound customizable one. Being someone that needs to stick to a budget, I knew I needed to find a much cheaper solution. Within bullet journaling, you have the say over the notebook you want to use and how exactly you want to set it up.

* I usually aim for a gridded bullet journal, as I find it is easier to draw straight lines, draw things out, and measure out pages if needed. 

Here are some ways you can customize your bullet journal:

  1. Find a journal that speaks to you - make it yours! If you find that a colorful rainbow printed notebook works for you in the moment, take it. It will be easier to fill in the journal when you actually love the thing you are writing in. 
  2. Use a color system that excites and intrigues you! If you have pages that you might be tracking your mood, use colors that you think represent best what you are feeling. You can use paints such as watercolor or oil, use colored pencils or markers, or even use highlighters! Do what works best for you. 

Starting A Page Is A Breeze

You do not have to be an incredible artist, master calligraphist, or amazing writer to start a bullet journal. While starting on a blank page, it may seem overwhelming at first, especially when you are relying on yourself to fill up the pages, but it is actually quite easy. As I have said, there are countless ways to fill up a page. You do not have to worry about whether is looks pretty or not. If you ever feel stuck, there are infinite amounts of layouts that people have shared in which you can take inspiration from. Here is an example of how you can set up your first page if you are feeling stuck:

  1. Weekly Schedule and Goal Tracker
  • Create two separate columns at least seven bullets down from the top to leave room for your title. Within the space you have left, write out the month and week - i.e. JANUARY | Week 1-7
  • Divide the first column into eight equal sections. You will divide the sections for each day of the week and one extra for the weekly goals.
  • Divide the second column into two sections - "Tasks" and "Notes"
  • Within each section of the column one, write down overall weekly goals within the goals section, and any activities and events in each day of the week sections - i.e. Monday | Haircut at 1pm
  • Report any important tasks within the "Tasks" section 
  • Add weekly notes in the "Note" section if needed

It Inspires Productivity

Within creating a bullet journal, you will find that it helps keep up with your tasks and goals, while increasing productivity all around. It pushes you to see unfinished tasks, keeping you to question the excuses the may have come up and got in the way. A bullet journal will layout your accomplishments and leave you with peace of mind and a more positive well-being. 

It Inspires New Ideas

Keeping up with your bullet journal can help inspire new ideas and help boost creativity. In writing in more than one page and crossing over various sections of the journal, you may discover new things you want to include or changes you want to adapt in moving forward. If you consider doing things like tracking your sleep or even tracking your dreams, you may find that in writing them down, you can gain so much insight within your life and imagination. This may give you a much needed boost in inspiration that will help you think more outside-of-the-box within the everyday. 

In creating a bullet journal, do not be afraid and stressed with the blank pages in front of you. Take time to have some fun, get a little messy on the pages, and find what works for you. Get out there and get bullet journaling! 

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