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How To Do Less And Achieve More

How To Do Less And Achieve More

January 31, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

If you are wanting to do less in your career but achieve more, you must first get over one major misconception - the workplace doesn't have to be a stressful environment where you are taking calls on the daily while you multitask sending out an email and writing down notes. The thing is, there are farther better ways to be more productive at work than doing so. There is a balance that needs to be achieved and cultivated, rather than just overloading yourself with responsibilities and falling short within the end. It is a waste of your time, your mental health, and your energy. In wanting to achieve more and do less, there are many simple things to do. Here are a few tips and tricks we found that might help!

Get Over Common Myths About Work and Achievement

One of the greatest lessons to learn when approaching work and a job is that busyness does not equate to importance. Instead, busyness can cause a brain overload that truthfully, no one needs. When we cause too much of a work overload, we are creating a negative impact on our mental health that causes impairment of our abilities to think creative, make decisions, solve problems, be innovative, and more. In treating your brain like a multitasking powerful machine, you might actually find that keeping up with certain tasks and going back and forth is completely tiresome and overwhelming. When we take the time to focus, settling into one thing, you forget about keeping up with time while actually finding that you create a better, much more rewarding outcome. Take some time in your work to put away distracting devices and pick one task to work on. 

Focus and Practice Being Mindful

In continuing off of the last section, when we take time to remove yourself from distraction, can you be able to actually be present in the moment and focus. Whether the distraction comes from chatty co-workers, social media, or other technology, it is best to create an environment and setting that this interference do not come frequently. To avoid temptation from devices, turn off phones or leave them one silent. Mute any notifications that may come up from apps, and save any time for social media for your break. You will find that on not focusing on these distractions, you will take significantly less time on work and be able to achieve a lot more. 

Take A Break If Needed

There is a stigma that in doing nothing, we are actually not achieving anything. The truth is, it is actually okay to take breaks and do nothing every now and then. It is impossible to demand yourself all-day focus that is dedicated to your work. If you are feeling too overwhelmed with work or getting uncomfortable from the stillness, get up and take a break. Not only does it allow time to refresh and ease your mind, but it allows your mind to wander and daydream for a bit - unleashing a creative spark or moment where inspiration can be found. Go for a walk around the park or your city, grab a bit to eat, or meditate. You will find yourself being much more productive in doing so. 

With these tips, you will be finding yourself achieving much more while creating more fundamentally better work. 

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