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Affordable And Healthy Foods To Have Each Day

It's a shame that unhealthy food is cheap and healthier foods tends to be more expensive. Nonetheless, don't feel discouraged yet. There actually are plenty of options for affordable and healthy foods that won't break the bank. There are nutritious choices in every food group - as long as you're okay with the basics. Find the best bargains below!

Brown Rice

Affordable And Healthy Foods To Have Each Day

This whole grain contains a ton of protein and fiber in each serving, not to mention it will save you money to buy this in bulk. Brown rice has an array of health benefits such as reducing cholesterol levels, helping to prevent heart disease, and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Choose to eat it on its own, as a base for a bowl or casserole, or use it in any recipe that calls for white rice.


Affordable And Healthy Foods To Have Each Day

It's a no brainer that eggs are filled with protein. However, it shouldn't just be eaten as a breakfast meal. Eggs contain a variety of micronutrients, including one called choline. This is essential for DNA building, brain signaling, and liver function for your health. Not to mention, if you're not a pro at servings sizes, eggs are super easy to deal with since they're naturally "packaged" in individual serving sizes already. Choose to eat them poached, hard-boiled, deviled, or baked.


Affordable And Healthy Foods To Have Each Day

These are loaded with fiber and folate, which makes it the next affordable and healthy foods option. Folate is critical because it's a B vitamin your body needs to produce red blood cells. Dried beans are usually less expensive than canned, so there's another tip to save even more money. You should consider soaking them first to decrease cooking time and increase digestibility. Beans pair nicely with chili, in stuffed peppers, or your own veggie burgers!


Affordable And Healthy Foods To Have Each Day

Carrots are known for helping your eye sight, but they have an array of other health benefits. They're a great source of beta­carotene, a carotenoid that’s converted into vitamin A in the body. They also contain different amounts of antioxidants that are all good for you. The best part is, you won't even have to cook them! Dip them in hummus, eat them plain, or add it to any salad. 


Affordable And Healthy Foods To Have Each Day

Similar to eggs, bananas provide built-in portion control - among other things of course. You probably already know they're high in potassium and delivers 10% of what you need daily. Additionally, they're a low-glycemic food that helps regulate blood sugar levels. Plus, the ways you can eat one are ENDLESS. Freeze bananas dipped in dark chocolate, blend them in a smoothie, add them to overnight oats, cereal, or toast, or just grab one on the go. 

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