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A Guide For Swimming Exercises For Beginners

A Guide For Swimming Exercises For Beginners

May 22, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

When it comes to exercising in the summer, have you ever thought about swimming? Swimming is an excellent form of exercise for beginners because it is gentle on the body, without putting strain on your bones or damage your joints. It also makes an effective strategy and exercise for weight loss, and if you're overweight and may have achy joints from carrying excess weight, swimming challenges your body without putting pressure on joints. Some people think that swimming may be too easy to qualify as a weight loss exercise, but swimming can be very challenging depending on how you structure your workouts. The water can serve as a form of resistance for your body, helping to tone and strengthen your muscles. Additionally, swimming improves your cardiovascular fitness and flexibility. If you are looking for the perfect swimming workout, look no further. Here is our guide for swimming exercises for beginners:

Gear For Swimming Exercises - What You Will Need

When it comes to working out in the pool, you may be surprised by the amount of equipment that can help you during your exercises. In addition to a swimsuit, the following gear is helpful when you begin to swim laps and getting in those exercises:

  • Swim Cap - A cap not only protects your hair but it helps to streamline your body in the water. It keeps things out of your face, allowing for easy movement and freedom in the water.
  • Goggles - It is best to find a pair that fits comfortably without fogging up during swim workouts.
  • Kick-board - Many community pools supply kick-boards that you can use to focus on legwork while doing laps. If your pool doesn't supply them, a board is an inexpensive and helpful tool to have that can build resistance during your workout. 
  • Pull Buoy - This buoyancy device is placed between your legs to help you focus on upper body workouts.
  • Fins - Swim fins help you to develop a swim technique and develop stronger muscles.
  • Towel or Robe - A large towel is essential for post-workout warmth especially if you are swimming outdoors. If there is no convenient changing area available, a robe is even better. A robe can absorbs wetness, and keeps your body dry as you change out of your damp suit and into warm clothing. No locker room required.

Simple Swimming Workouts 

If you are just starting your swimming program, you may not be able to swim continuous laps in the pool. That's okay. You can use a kick-board or pull buoys to make your workout easier. For example, here are a few ways to break up lap swimming to make the swim easier.

Beginner Swim Workout #1

  • Swim one lap (to the end of the pool and back)
  • Kick one lap using a kick board
  • Swim one lap, placing a pull buoy between your legs

Repeat for 15-20 minutes to get an upper and lower body workout.​

Beginner Swim Workout #2

  • Swim for 5 minutes taking a break at each end of the pool for 15-30 second
  • Kick for 5 minutes using the kick board

Repeat 3 times for a cardiovascular and full-body workout.

Beginner Swim Workout #3

  • Swim the length of the pool 
  • Walk briskly through the water back to the starting point (you may need to wear an aqua jogger around your waist if the water is too deep)

Repeat for 15-20 minutes

If you a recovering from an injury or you have a health condition that keeps you from doing other forms of exercise, you should check with your doctor before beginning swimming. You may still be able to swim with the assistance of paddles, a kick board, or flippers.

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