5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Fitness Routine

5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Fitness Routine

Sometimes staying motivated in your health routine can be difficult. Especially in the morning when you need a boost of energy, or after a long and hard day of work. Before you decide to skip your next fitness class or workout, you may want to give a chance for essential oils to boost your fitness routine. 

What Are Essential Oils?

5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Fitness Routine

Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They're basically natural oils that give plants their fragrance and protect them from outside threats. Nonetheless, these oils can also do wonders for your body. You can choose to ingest, diffuse, or wear essential oils on your skin or clothing. Their benefits have mainly been used to assist human emotions, along with nutrition and physical well-being. Here are five essential oils that can help boost your mood and boost your workout into high gear.


Peppermint can be the wake-up call you need for an early morning workout or class. This essential oil will make you more alert and can help boost your mood tremendously. It is also believed to support healthy breathing during exercise, which will make your workout more effective. Choose to inhale peppermint or rub a few drops on your wrist before heading out. 


5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Fitness Routine

Another essential oil to boost your fitness routine and give you a burst of energy when needed is lemongrass. Not only will this oil make you more motivated, but it's also said to support healthy weight management with a process known as thermogenesis. This helps with the production of heat in the body, which can assist with burning calories and fat. Just rub a few drops on your inner wrist before going and you'll receive the perfect pick-me-up your body needs.


This essential oil can be used before or after your workout. It's widely known to be soothing, while giving you a positive mood and stable energy throughout the entire day. Eucalyptus can also aid with recovery and illnesses, so definitely take a whiff if you're hurting or feeling a sickness coming on. Plus you can put a few drops of this natural oil to your dryer filter when washing sweaty workout gear, which will sanitize and add freshness before drying your load. 


5 Essential Oils To Boost Your Fitness Routine

Lemon is an essential oil with many benefits, but it can help boost your fitness routine by quenching thirst. Simply add a drop or two to your water for a natural pre-workout drink. Then continue drinking your lemon water throughout your workout to stay hydrated. The scent and taste will actually make you drink more than you normally would, which is a great bonus and will keep you going.


Marjoram is a key essential oil to post-workout recovery, especially after a heavy workout week or big race. This oil has many relaxing and calming properties, which work wonders on sore and tired muscles. Choose to massage a few drops onto a muscle area for quick pain relief, or add a few drops to a warm Epsom salt bath for maximum recovery benefits.

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