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How To Stay Motivated In Your Health Routine

How To Stay Motivated In Your Health Routine

April 06, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

The hardest part about getting into a healthy and fit groove is getting started and staying with it. We know you're already trying to maintain a work-life balance, so adding another factor can be harder. To help you stay motivated in your health routine though, try to keep the below tips in mind.

Avoid Counting Calories

How To Stay Motivated In Your Health Routine

Being healthy and knowing portion control includes you being aware of calorie intake, but don't let it overtake your health routine. You don't need to do this to lose weight, and counting calories can be a struggle and anxious activity for many. Instead, just have an understanding of the nutrition value of your foods. Focus on having protein and fiber in every meal, such as greens, apples, and healthy fats. Additionally, be sure you're eating five times a day - three meals and two snacks. If you simply do this, it'll help you stay motivated in your health routine and you'll remain eating healthy without the worry of counting calories. 

Treat Yourself More

How To Stay Motivated In Your Health Routine

With that being said, you should learn to treat yourself more when it comes to food. Depriving yourself and feeling sabotaged by a strict diet certainly isn't going to keep you motivated. Instead of forbidding yourself to eat a treat or feeling guilty when you do cave, allow yourself to have two cheat meals each week. Know that it is okay to splurge a little, and it won't affect your health as drastically as you think.

Get Enough Sleep

How To Stay Motivated In Your Health Routine

It's a no-brainer that not getting enough sleep can cause numerous problems. It impacts your alertness and energy levels, results in weight gain, weakens your immune system, increases anxiety, increases risk of high blood pressure - the list goes on and on. Therefore, make sure you’re sleeping longer and better each day in order to stay motivated in your health routine. If you need some help staying on top of your sleep, consider keeping track of it with a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

Complete Short Workouts

How To Stay Motivated In Your Health Routine

If you’re not into working out, don’t worry about signing up for a gym or going for an hour-long run. Research shows that short, intense workouts can be more effective than longer workouts - so you're in luck. Variation is as essential as intensity for the most efficient workout, so just try to complete one, 5-minute workout each day. Plus you don’t have to worry about overdoing it by exercising the same thing every single day. Just be sure you’re continuing to eat well, and you'll be set. This can be as simple as climbing staircases, running to your car, parking farther away on purpose, etc. 

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