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4 Ways To Be More Creative

4 Ways To Be More Creative

January 18, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Some may think that creativity is a character trait only found in some people - artists, writers, engineers, or entrepreneurs. But in reality, creativity is just an extension of one's imagination, a constant back and forth between inspiration and originality - symbiotically balancing off each other to produce a greater good. As frustrating as it can be at times to remain inspired and creative, there are actually really easy steps in heightening your creativity! Here are four that we found to be more creative.

Be More Open And Curious About The World

Creative people, generally speaking, have an unquestionable curiosity that keeps them open to everything around them. They are thinkers and do-ers, relying on outside sources and people to provide them with inspiration for whatever task they have at hand. They remain open and unbiased, learning from those around them and drawing in influences where needed. They become more aware and open to their surroundings, in a way, practicing mindfulness that allows for imagination and creativity to sore. In being open, we found that it is best to:

  1. Making Unruly and Unexpected Connections - Acting on unexpected opportunities and connections can allow for a more open and creative world. You'll meet people who you never thought you would and share in different ways of thinking that can help expand in your mind. Everyone around you has useful information that can be vital in remaining curious about your surroundings, and you'll never know who will turn out to be a muse!
  2. Learn From Accidents - Learn from mistakes you have made and figure out different solutions in approaching the issue. Brainstorming different ways can help expand your problem-solving skills while allowing you to adapt and build your creative skills in different ways. 

Play Pretend

When you were a little kid, you probably dreamed about being an astronaut and exploring outer-space or imagined yourself battling against a dragon to save your castle and stuffed animal citizens. Who says you cannot do that still as an adult?! In being able to play pretend, can one heighten their imagination skills to help promote creativity. Start with something practical - think about the future for instance. Envision where you want to be and what steps you will need to take in doing so. Then act it out! Find different supplies or toys in your house to create the set and just have fun with it! It is a time for you to act within the moment and be silly. When you do so, you are allowing your mind to wander off and delve deep into your subconscious where you are most creative! Let your imagination bloom! 

Get Messy - Go Paint, Sketch, or Doodle

You do not need to be an artist to get messy and spend some time painting or drawing. The idea is just to create! Do not worry about whether it is "hanging-on-the-fridge" worthy. Find images, paintings, photography, or sketches that inspire you and gather some supplies and get do drawing. The idea behind this is as you draw, you are firing up all these connections within your brain that help stimulate creativity and imagination. 

Do Something Physical

It is proven that doing exercise or being active as shown to increase stimulation within your right brain, the creative side of the brain that interprets emotional response, intuition, imagination, and art awareness. In a study done by neuroscientist Wendy Suzuki, she had found that exercise does not only provide you with multiple health benefits, but can actually help in people come up with new ideas  and imagine new situations. The hippocampus section of our brain relies on exercise to promote memory while the study as also shown that the hippocampus is responsible for helping people thinking about the future creatively.

With these easy tips, you'll find that you will be more creative and take more imaginative approaches within problem-solving and creative-thinking. Take time away from the digital world and step into some painting clothes or workout clothes and get to it! 

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