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Start The Year Right With These Fitness Tips

Start The Year Right With These Fitness Tips

January 06, 2020 / Gina Gargiulo

The New Year is here again, so it’s essential to get started on the right foot. Just because it is a new year, that doesn't mean that you should get rid of your habit of exercising regularly. And if you don’t have this habit, it’s never too late to start. Start the year right with these fitness tips from iTouch Wearables!

Don’t Wait For Monday

Start The Year Right With These Fitness Tips

Many people like the idea of starting fresh - example, start working out on January 1st. Nonetheless, many of us say this but don’t actually fulfill our own promises. Stop procrastinating! If you’re telling yourself to start exercising on Monday, go workout right now instead. In reality, the day you start exercising is completely irrelevant, so why not get it over with whenever you feel the urge?

Plan Your Workouts

Start The Year Right With These Fitness Tips

You’re never going to go exercise unless you have a game plan in place. Make time each Sunday to make a weekly plan that will include enough time for your workouts and where you will be. In doing so, you won’t be able to make the excuse that you don’t have the time to spend at least an hour a day on exercising. In addition to this, it’s important to find a workout plan that will work for you. Don’t just do whatever your family and friends have in place. Choose whatever you feel comfortable doing, are capable of doing, and what you love. This will help create a promising exercising plan just for you that you’ll actually be motivated to do. Motivation is everything when it comes to exercising, so planning out mood boards or hanging up inspirational pictures isn’t a bad idea either.

Leave Out Expectations

Start The Year Right With These Fitness Tips

If you are just starting to exercise now, it is essential to be proud of what you can accomplish right now. Don’t get disappointed if you can’t do an exercise you want to do in this very moment. If you can’t lift a certain weight, or if you don’t see an improvement in your body shape - you’ll get there! The more you workout, the more you will see results and yourself improving. Don’t let yourself forget why you started working out in the first place. Keep reminding yourself each day why you started as you look in the mirror every day. You got this!

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