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Top 4 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Companies To Try

Top 4 Affordable Sustainable Clothing Companies To Try

August 16, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

When it comes to building your wardrobe and creating the perfect outfit for the everyday, many people turn to fast fashion - for starters, fast fashion is easy for consumers because it’s just that: fast and inexpensive. However, many people do not know the environmental impact that comes with purchasing these clothes that are only made to last a season or so - especially when it is so easy or normal for us to end up with clothes that tatter and rip after just a few wears. This is why more and more clothing brands are leaning towards creating an ethical and sustainable collection for not only fashion icons or even bloggers, but now for everyday people who just want to make sure they are getting the quality they deserve while also doing what they can to decrease their carbon footprint. However, when it comes to ethical fashion, we know the price tags for quality pieces can be daunting.

That’s why at iTouch Wearables, we did the research and are happy to share with you brands that make ethical shopping an affordable experience. At the end of the day, it is important and crucial that we begin to direct our conscious spending towards apparel that makes us feel and look good, without breaking the bank!

Here are the top four affordable sustainable clothing companies to try that we have found:

1 - Pact 

What Makes Them Ethical -  Organic, GOTS Certified, Fair Trade, Eco-Friendly
Who Are Their Products For- Everyone, from Adults to Even Children
Price Range - $-$$

Pact is an incredible brand for anyone who wants the perfect sustainable and organic basics without having to break the bank. If you’re on the hunt for super-soft basics that are long-lasting, definitely look no further than Pact; the brand sells organic clothing for everyone in the family, toddlers and babies included - and their products range from stylish Henley's and polos for men, to even comfortable and breezy midi-dresses and jumpsuits for women. Not only are the garments GOTS Certified organic and fair trade, but they’re also universally flattering and comfortable for year-round wear. Given the affordable price point and high-quality standard, a purchase from Pact is sure to be a win for you and your bank account.

2 - Boden

What Makes Them Ethical -  Ethical Trading, Fair Wages, and Recyclable Packaging
Who Are Their Products For - Adults, Children, and Even Your Little Ones
Price Range - $$

As you know, we are kind of obsessed with Boden. For starters, Boden is one of the most-loved sustainable British brands to exist, making countless headlines in fashion publications and magazines alike. The company, which was founded more than 25 years ago, is renowned for its clothing collection - which features not only equally ethical clothing, but exceeding expansive clothing fit to match anyone's style. Customers local and abroad can shop for the whole family, as the brand offers expedited worldwide shipping options for its adult, children, and baby apparel. The clothes even ship in recycled (and recyclable) packaging! Definitely a major gain for you and the Earth! 

3 - tentree

What Makes Them Ethical -  Ethically Made, Organic, Eco-Friendly, and Gives back to the environment
Who Are Their Products For - Adults, Children, and They Even Have Accessories Like Hats and Bags
Price Range - $$–$$$

tentree is an amazing company who's philosophies are rooted in the belief that we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the world we live in. This earth-first apparel brand celebrates its commitment to our planet with ethically crafted and sustainably designed products - even more so, with every purchase, they will plant ten trees for each item purchased. With a motto of “Buy one, plant ten,” tentree believes that you don’t have to be a hardcore environmentalist to make a difference. The brand has now planted over 42 million trees around the world, and is well on the way to its goal of planting one billion trees by 2030 - isn't that just incredible! 

4 - Kotn

What Makes Them Ethical - Organic, Safe and Fair Labor Standards - Gives Back
Who Are Their Products For - Adults - Only Cotton Basics
Price Range - $$–$$$ 

Known for clothes made from soft and remarkably breathable Egyptian cotton, Kotn is an amazing brand that makes some of our favorite wardrobe staples in a fair and safe production environment. Working directly with farmers, the brand pays fair prices for cotton and even goes so far as assisting suppliers in making the switch to organic practices. With affordable basics, Kotn is crafted with quality and comfort in mind. So long, consumable t-shirts!

Happy Shopping!

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