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How To Still Dress Professionally In Warmer Weather

How To Still Dress Professionally In Warmer Weather

May 25, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Professional attire may seem at odds with hot weather. Do you still power through and wear a suit jacket or cardigan over a dress? Should men still be coming into work in a full suit and tie? These questions pose such anxieties that in fact, business suits are one reason why a ton of offices pump up the AC during the summer days. Professional attire in the summer has become such as issue that in Japan, the government has create a campaign encouraging those to dress down to save energy costs in hot weather. While dressing down may not be the norm everywhere, there are still ways to beat the heat and stay within your office dress code.

Switch To Linens or Soft Cotton Materials

Professional attire is often made with heavy fabrics unsuited for warm weather. The next time you are out shopping for business attire, pay attention to the weight and weave of the fabrics in items that catch your eye. It is important to aim for clothing that have a variety of weights or weaves to accommodate your needs throughout the year. During the summer, make sure you are looking for lighter, airy shirts and/or dresses, as they will help your wardrobe remain comfortable in the summer. Fabrics like linens, silks, and soft cottons feel cooler and lighter than others like denim, polyester, or wool, while maintaining a professional look. 

Additionally, when it comes to layering for men, it it suggested that you look for unlined or partially lined blazers and sport coats, especially when made from cotton and other light fabrics. When wanting to layer with a blazer, it is important to note that you should find an undershirt that can assist with wicking sweat, as well as protect your shirt from antiperspirant staining, which can more than make up for wearing two layers in the summer.

Play With Colors

Ditch the blacks and darker blues and aim for white and other light colors as they can help to keep you cool in the summer. If you wear layers or longer clothes in the summer, such as an ankle-length skirt or a headscarf, these light colors can help to keep you cool in addition to the light breeze created by flowing fabric. Alternatively, while wearing black or other dark colors can help to disguise sweating, an undershirt is a preferable method for these times - especially on those 80 degrees or more summer days.

Lose The Sleeves

When dressing business casual, workers of all genders are usually able to wear short sleeves in the summer. Even more so, in many workplaces it is considered acceptable for women and feminine-presenting people to go sleeveless. There are a variety of professional cuts in feminine styles with short sleeves or no sleeves, so get crafty and creative when you can!

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