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How To Safely Choose An Edible

How To Safely Choose An Edible

June 18, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

If you're experimenting or trying to find alternate ways to deal with anxiety, then you probably came across edibles in your research. Nonetheless, many people are aware what "edibles" truly are and how to use them. For those beginners out there, here's how to safely choose an edible to get started!

What Is An Edible?

How To Safely Choose An Edible

Edibles are THC-infused food products in some shape or form, such as baked goods, gummies, or chocolates. They affect the body much differently than smoking cannabis since they pass through the digestive system and can take longer to kick in. There are actually four categories of edibles: sativa-only, indica-only, hybrid (a mix of sativa and indica), and pure CBD. CBD is the most common occurring cannabinoids, being a cannabis plant compound and the most popular choice to use. It offers an array of medical benefits in a non-psychoactive product, so it will make you feel good physically, but won’t get you high.

Safely Choose An Edible Based On Your Needs

How To Safely Choose An Edible

Choosing an edible depends on the desired effect you crave, based on your needs. To safely choose an edible, you want to pay close attention to the THC content, the type of relief you're seeking, and a product that corresponds with that. If you want something non-psychoactive, choose a CBD-only edible. The most popular edibles in the industry are cookies and brownies. However if you want something different, try chocolate, stroopwafel, or even beef jerky. A lot of people also decide to take gummy vitamins or supplements with CBD oil infused, so that's always an option as well.

Start Slow With Edible Doses

How To Safely Choose An Edible

To safely choose an edible is to safely choose an edible dose as well. The golden rule here is to go low and slow and ease into it - especially if you're a newbie. You should start with a smaller dose such as 5mg so you can get to know your tolerance levels. After that first dose, wait 1-2 hours to figure out if you feel anything and what you feel. If it does kick in, you can then decide whether to ingest more or not. Simply work up to that feeling that you’re looking for, and just realize that it does take time. 10mg is considered a single serving for an adult, but it's better to start with less so you don't go overboard or get more overwhelmed. You can be smart and safe when choosing an edible but keeping the below numbers in mind:

  • How many milligrams of THC is in each product?
  • Do you need to cut it into pieces or can you eat the whole thing?
  • How much did you start with?
  • How much time are you waiting?
  • How much did you add if you had more?

Tracking this will make purchasing your edibles easier, and will make more a better and more consistent experience each time.

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