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Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brain

Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brain

July 23, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Many people are focused on strengthening their muscles on the outside, but many forget about the most important muscle of all - your brain. Without your brain properly conditioned, you can't really do anything else mentally or physically to the best of your ability. Here are some easy ways to strengthen your brain each day!

Move & Exercise For Overall Brain Health

Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brain

All physical exercise helps your brain, so it's essential to get adequate amount of movement into your day. Your brain controls all voluntary and involuntary muscle movements, so get up to get everything working properly. This can be as simple as walking, yoga, running, swimming - whatever workout you're into. The more you do, the more you’re protected from cognitive degeneration, so keep your motor connections in check!

Strategize For Better Focus

Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brain

For better focus, you need to focus on focusing of course. In order to strategize for this, think about tactics that will lead to better concentration and really tune in. This can be making better eye contact with someone, shutting off your phone, turning off the TV or music, or getting a caffeine boost. Whatever it is that enhances your focus, do it in order to strengthen your brain.

Repeat & Associate For Increased Memory

Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brain

This one you probably heard before. When you're trying to remember something such as a name, always repeat it to yourself a few times in order to remember it. Repetition is one of the best tactics to help you store and retain memories, because it works. Another way to strengthen your brain and memory is by association. This is associating whatever you are trying to remember with some other clue that may help you remember later - make sense? They can be fun hints that work for you, and can be used for names, addresses, class material - really anything! Give it a try and see for yourself. 

Connect Puzzles For Higher Level Thinking

Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Brain

Higher level thinking, or your executive function, encompasses all your problem-solving, reasoning, and planning. One of the best ways to strengthen your brain in this mental skill set is by completing puzzles. This can be sudoku, crosswords, or physical puzzles with pieces. All of these require you to make judgments and decisions, while seeking connections between ideas. The more you puzzle out, the more you strengthen your brain, so consider doing these activities on your daily commute or spare time. 

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