Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day

Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day

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Sometimes finding time to do a full workout on a daily basis can be tough - especially if your schedule is beyond crazy. Well don't worry, there are still ways to squeeze more movement into your day and stay in shape. Here's how to stay on your feet with these simple life exercise hacks.

Ditch Your Car

Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day

If you're close enough to work, a restaurant, gathering - whatever it is - then why are you taking a car? Not only will you be helping the environment, but yourself as well. Opt for riding a bike whenever possible to pump your legs and heart. If you don't have one and it's nice enough, then you can never go wrong with walking. This is great to get your steps in for the day. Just keep in mind both of these are weather-permitting and should be done in safe neighborhoods.

Walk & Talk At Work

Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day

Instead of sitting at your desk doodling or having your head constantly buried in work, get up once in a while! Discuss things with colleagues in person instead of over email, go out for lunch or coffee, and walk around while you're on the phone. You can also explore your building more by taking your own personal tour, whether it's simply walking to the bathroom on the other side of the floor just to get more movement into your day. When it's time for a meeting, instead of sitting in the conference room, decide to stand or even take your next session for a spin around the block. Taking in the scenery while engaging in conversation can actually help your inspiration, so all meetings should really be held outside.

Always Take The Long Way

Ways to Squeeze More Movement Into Your Day

There are many instances in which you can take a longer route and create more movement in your day. For example, instead of parking super close to your destination, park a little further away so you force yourself to walk more. If you take public transportation such as a bus or subway, get off one stop early and walk the rest of the way to where you're going. When safe and appropriate, you can also try to stand while riding the bus or train. Then as the the next stop approaches, ground your feet, gently bend your knees, and engage your abs to stay upright in a workout stance. If you are somewhere and there's an escalator or elevator, take the stairs instead. It's better for your heart, legs, lungs, and core. See how simple adding movement can be?

Make Shopping A Workout

Shopping can be your cardio if you do it right. You can easily turn any store into a gym. Do some calf raises to reach something on the top shelf, try a few squats or lunges while steering your shopping cart down the aisle, and keep yourself at a steady pace throughout. You can also use your purse or shopping bag as a dumbbell for more movement. Do bicep curls with one arm while walking through the mall or store. Then after a few reps, switch arms. Bottom line is: there's always room for more movement in your day, no matter where you are or what you're doing.

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