As Seen On: Dan Rockwell

As Seen On: Dan Rockwell

From personal training, online training, and 1 on 1 coaching, to being a part of the US Army, there's nothing this influencer can't do. Not to mention, he has a killer body and can teach you how to take both your health and fitness seriously. If you're not already following him, look up Dan Rockwell right now.

This fitness star teamed up with iTOUCH Wearables for one hot photoshoot. He posted this picture on Instagram to his 427,000 followers, saying "They have great fitness watches at such great prices! Perfect Christmas gift for anyone in the family."

As Seen On: Dan Rockwell

Who wouldn't want to look as good as this? The holidays may be over, but iTOUCH Wearables still makes the perfect gift for anyone year around. You can be your own personal trainer like Dan with the iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker. This device helps meet your fitness goals, while keeping fashion in mind. Easily track your calories with the calorie counter and steps with the built in pedometer. Then you can stay connected using the free mobile app on either your iPhone or droid. The best part is that it comes with a stylish assortment of different colors and printed interchangeable bands to fit your mood of the day. Or, you can always rock a sleek black like Dan.

as seen on dan rockwell

Dan Rockwell has been pretty busy with his travels. However, he plans to be back full force with his nutrition, workouts, and supplementation regimen in this new year.

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