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5 Best Back-To-School Accessories To Get For This Fall

5 Best Back-To-School Accessories To Get For This Fall

August 31, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

If you're a parent that has suddenly been thrust into the role of teacher as well, or if you're simply preparing your child for hybrid learning, you may find yourself feeling a little unprepared. It can feel daunting, heading into an environment that demands you to fulfill a lesson plan, and to keep your kids organized and attentive, while also juggling all the responsibilities that may come with being a parent, an employee, and frankly - just being an adult. But the good news is, there are numerous useful tools out there developed to ensure that everything runs smoothly when it comes to back to school! That is why we did the research, putting together this little nifty guide full of tips and tricks to ensure that your school year runs smoothly! So here is our guide on the 5 best back-to-school accessories to get for this fall to ensure that you crush hybrid learning! 

1 - Organization Bins or Baskets

When it comes to back-to-school, being organized is essential for success. Between worksheets being downloaded for your children's day, to the occasional permission slip that you may receive, things can get lost, fall into the endless pit of your child's backpack, or seemingly disappear along the way. Consider stocking up on organization bins or storage bins. These can be places to store your children's homework or any other paperwork they may have. When starting, first understand the needs of the child or children. Organize the necessary tools and supplies in bins or baskets, and color code them if they're being used by multiple children. Label every bin and basket. Assign a spot to display artwork or notes of encouragement as well on the bins if possible! 

2 - Storage Bags For Supplies 

With some students needing pens, markers, highlighters, pencils, and other tools, a mess is bound to happen. Keep pre-made kits available to ensure easy storage! Use storage bags to organize any art supplies, medical supplies, tech supplies, or essentially anything you may need to ensure an easy schoolwork day! Your children can easily grab one and go, return the supplies to the bag when done, and move on to the next task. Simple as that! 

3 - Calendars, Calendars, and Yes - More Calendars

Staying on schedule and on task is going to be one of the hardest things to manage when heading back into the school year. For those who need a little more organization within their lives, we strongly recommend getting a calendar. It may seem so simple, but it is something that can go a long way. For starters, download a calendar app onto your phone - schedule important events, any work meetings, school events, and even tests that your children may have coming up. From there, invest in an IRL calendar that the entire family can take part in, once again marking down any important events or tasks that come up within the week or month. This can ensure that everyone understands each other's schedules, knows when the kids need a little extra attention for when a test is coming up, or even to make sure that you schedule a break from the kids to take an essential work call. As long as everyone is staying on top of the calendar, things should continue to run smoothly. 

4 - Journals 

A journal is more than just a place to jot down your ideas or important deadlines! It can be a critical tool to ensure that you are staying on top of your children's learning and education! Assign a journal to your child or children before the first day of school. The night before, ask your children to write about what they are excited to learn within the school year. Then each day, make it a place for your children to write down any thoughts they had during the school day - What did they accomplish? What are they struggling with? In getting these answers, you can identify which areas your child may need more help in, or where they excel, enabling you to help in trouble areas instead of unexpectedly learning they didn't grasp a topic. 

5 - Incentives or Reward Chart 

School shouldn’t feel like a punishment. So use the first day to establish it as not just a time for learning but for fun and exciting payoffs, too. A huge homeschooling or hybrid learning mistake is to use negative consequences for not finishing school work. This creates a stressful environment and power struggles. Instead, tell your kids that they can earn something desirable, whether it's more screen time or a later bedtime, for completing high-quality work with a good attitude. This creates motivated kids and happy parents! 

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