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How Can Our PlayZoom Smartwatches Help With Back To School?

How Can Our PlayZoom Smartwatches Help With Back To School?

August 28, 2020 / Gabby Coles

One of the most exciting aspects of starting a new school year is shopping for fun supplies! The 2020 school year will be unlike any we've experienced before. However, whether your kids are returning to school, continuing with remote lessons, or even a mix of both, they're going to need school supplies.

What's the best school supply for helping navigate the "new normal" of post Covid-19 quarantine and social distancing measures? Look no further - the iTouch PlayZoom smartwatch is the perfect tool for adapting to new schedules, classroom structures, and to a different way of life. Moms, dads, and children can benefit from the amazing features that are packed into the PlayZoom smartwatch for kids. Wondering how? Here's a list of ways that our PlayZoom Smartwatches can help with back to school! 

Waking Up On Time With the Alarm

How much earlier do you set your alarm clock, just to make sure you have enough time to wake up the kids for school? It can be a real battle to get some children up and going, checking on them repeatedly to make sure they've actually left their beds.

The iTouch PlayZoom's built-in alarm can help start the day smoothly by waking your child up on time for you. Create more time for yourself to get ready for the day while also allowing your child to practice independence by waking up and starting their day themselves. A big part of grown-up responsibilities is being on time, and the PlayZoom's alarm is a perfect way to build the habit early on!

Practice Perfect Hygiene With the Timer


As we continue to adapt to life's "new normal," being conscious about personal hygiene will be an even more significant part of our lives - as it should! While at home, it's easy to oversee your kid's handwashing for the full recommended 20 seconds, but what if they're on their own at school?

The iTouch PlayZoom is the perfect tool to address any worries for your child's health and cleanliness. Start using the watch's handy timer at home, and build a habit for your child to properly time their handwashing and teeth brushing. And with the watch's IP64 Splash Resistant technology, they won't have to worry about getting their favorite toy wet in the sink!

Practice Speech With the Voice Recorder

A big part of learning to read is understanding tone and pronunciations. It can be hard for students to determine where exactly they pause, stumble, or mispronounce words when reading out loud, and correcting them after the fact might be too late to really impact their skills.

When practicing reading or speeches at home, children can utilize the PlayZoom voice recorder, so they can listen back and identify troublesome words or speaking habits. Parents can also listen in and help explain pronunciations or sentence structure. Overtime, kids will grow confident in their speaking abilities when they hear their improving voices played back to them!

Bed Time Made Easy with Lullabies and Stories

We've already discussed the difficulties of waking kids up, but one thing harder then getting kids out of bed is getting them back in bed at the end of an exciting day. Who hasn't dealt with a child begging to stay up all night, desperately avoiding getting into their boring old beds?

The PlayZoom smartwatch makes bedtime fun and more appealing with lullabies and stories. Restless kids can turn to their new toy for soothing sounds or calming bedtime tales. 

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