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The Surprising Benefits of Cucumber Water

The Surprising Benefits of Cucumber Water

May 01, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

We have heard about the amazing benefits that celery juice and water, we talked about the benefits of watermelon juice, but now it is time to talk about an age-old drink that is still taking over the fitness world. Today, we are talking about the amazing surprising benefits of cucumber water! News flash - it isn't just for spas anymore! Everyday, more and more people are enjoying this healthy, refreshing drink at home, and why not? It’s delicious and easy to make. Cucumber water is packed with many antioxidant nutrients, it has weight loss properties, and so many more benefits that make it an amazing drink that everyone should try! Here are the surprising benefits of cucumber water.

What Is Cucumber Water And What Is Its Nutritional Value? 

Cucumbers are great because they are a low-calorie vegetable that contain many nutritional benefits, including hydrating properties and valuable nutrients. There are hundreds of varieties of cucumber, and they come in dozens of colors. Cucumbers are good sources of phytonutrients, which are known as plant chemicals that have protective or disease preventive properties. These phytonutrients are known as flavonoids, lignans, and triterpenes, which have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits, according to World's Healthiest Foods. When it also comes to cucumbers, the peel and seeds are the most nutrient-dense parts, containing fiber and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is essential to the body as it is an antioxidant that helps with immunity, skin, eyes, and the prevention of cancer. 

When it comes to a cucumber, here are the nutrient facts as provided for one cucumber, with peel, raw | serving size: 1/2 cup, sliced:

  • Total Fat - 0g
  • Cholesterol -  0mg
  • Sodium - 1mg
  • Protein - 0g
  • Vitamin A - 1% of the DV
  • Vitamin C - 2% of the DV
  • Total Carbohydrates - 2g
  • Calcium - 1% of the DV
  • Iron - 1% of the DV

Health Benefits of Cucumber Water

When it comes to the health benefits of cucumber water and cucumbers, besides keeping you hydrated, there are actually many benefits that can be found. Here are the top benefits of drinking cucumber water: 

  1. It Helps With Weight Loss - If you’re trying to lose weight and want an alternative to all those sugary sodas and sports drinks, cucumber water can help you cut some serious calories from your diet. Drinking cucumber water and staying hydrated helps you feel full, which sometimes your body confuses thirst with hunger. You may feel like you’re hungry, when you’re actually thirsty.
  2. It Helps Deliver Anti-oxidizing Nutrients To The Body - The antioxidants found in cucumber water consists of substances that help prevent and delay cell damage from oxidative stress, often caused by pollutants to the body. During the oxidative state, you can increase your risk of chronic conditions like cancer, eye degeneration, heart disease, and Alzheimer's disease. Research has shown that antioxidants in cucumbers and cucumber water may be able to reverse or stop this damage. 
  3. It Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure - One contributing factor to high blood pressure is having too much sodium in your diet and and too little potassium. The excess salt and sodium in your diet can cause your body to hold fluids, which raises blood pressure. Potassium, however, is an electrolyte that can actually help regulate the amount of sodium in your body. Cucumbers are a good source of potassium, and so, by drinking cucumber water, you are essentially helping your body get more potassium, potentially helping to lower your blood pressure.
  4. It Can Help Support Healthy Skin and Bones - Cucumber water can help soothe your skin from the inside out, by essentially helping your skin stay hydrated. Cucumbers help your body to flush out toxins and maintain a healthy complexion, as they contain pantothenic acid or Vitamin B-5, which has been used to treat acne. Cucumbers are also high in Vitamin K, which your body needs to help form proteins that make healthy bones and tissues as well as to help your blood clot properly. 

When it comes to choosing a post-workout drink, a drink for weight-loss, or just something to keep you hydrated, cucumber water may just be the perfect drink! Share with us your favorite way to drink cucumber water by tagging us on Instagram @itouchwearables and Facebook @itouchwearables. Also, be sure to check out our new articles published daily!


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