Smartwatch Uses: The Best Way To Utilize Your Device

Smartwatch Uses: The Best Way To Utilize Your Device

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Do you know everything you can do with a smartwatch? Many don't take advantage of all the smartwatch features and benefits offered in such an intelligent device. Tech may be getting smaller, but it certainly is getting better. Here's the best way to utilize your device with all of its abilities. 

For Your Personal Life

Smartwatch Uses: The Best Way To Utilize Your Device

Let's start with personal and social smartwatch uses. Having a smartwatch makes your life easier and more fun, so be sure you have the right apps and knowledge to stay connected.

Camera Remote: Take photos with your phone's camera using your iTOUCH smartwatch as a remote with a flick of your wrist.

Music Remote: Be your own DJ, play/pause, skip and reverse from your wrist.

Notifier: Receive notifications on your smartwatch when you get a text, email, social media, or game alert.

Phonebook/Contacts: Transfer your contact data from your phone to remain social.

Get Food: Download food apps on your smartwatch to get online delivery and find the best places around.

Find Phone: Your smartwatch will alert you when you have moved out of range of your phone.

Lost Alert: On the other hand, when you lose your smartwatch, you can have it vibrate if you are within range to find its location.

Weather: View the weather forecast of your current location to make appropriate plans.

For Your Business Life

Smartwatch Uses: The Best Way To Utilize Your Device

Of course, your smartwatch can be used for a more professional setting as well. You'll never guess how much your work ethic will improve in your business life with this!

Call Logs: View recent incoming, outgoing, and missed calls during your day.

Dialer: Make outgoing calls and receive incoming calls with the built-in speakerphone.

Calendar: View the current calendar month and schedule appointments.

Alarms: Set different alarms so you're never late again.

Travel: GPS navigation and maps can assist you in arriving to meeting spots and figure out your best routes to work.

Clock: Keep track of time, along with syncing times and dates from your phone.

Messaging: View your email notifications.

Notes: Type or record important notes so you don't forget them later.

Calculator: Solve any math problem right on your wrist.

For Your Fitness Life

Smartwatch Uses: The Best Way To Utilize Your Device

Last but not least, a smartwatch can be used to keep your fitness and health in check. Explore the many smartwatch features below.

Distance Tracker: View the distance you've traveled and reach your fitness goals.

Heart Rate Monitor: Track your heart rate, always.

Stopwatch: Easily time any type of workout with this handy stopwatch.

Pedometer: Keep track of your steps as you work to achieve your end goal.

Sedentary Reminder: You can set a periodic reminder to get up and move.

Calorie Counter: Track and summarize calories burned on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Sleep Monitor: Keep track of the quality of your sleep.

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