Here is Why You Need An Activity Tracker Watch

Here is Why You Need An Activity Tracker Watch

You're an active person who enjoys physical activity, yet you have no idea of how much work you are actually putting in a day! From your workouts to your daily run, how advantageous would it be for you to have an activity tracker or smartwatch by your side? If you are unfamiliar with what a good exercise watch can do for you and your workouts, here are some popular facts you need to know about having an activity tracker in your life:


Fitness Tracker

Having fitness tracking features on your activity tracker is a wonderful addition to have. These features on your activity tracker will allow you to track each step you take, count calories burned, or encourage you to do more each day. The iFitness Activity Tracker is an affordable smartwatch that can be an awesome travel companion and can help boost your workouts to a new level. Use these features to keep track of your fitness goals. Now we're going somewhere!


Talk on the Go

Expecting an important call but want to hit the pavement before the sun sets? Some smartwatches also include the feature of a built-in smartphone! Although we are addicted to our phones, caring one while on a run can get a bit cumbersome. With a smartphone built into your exercise watch, you can answer that call at the flick of a wrist! Just make sure you focus on your breathing while you have that conversation!


Phone Features On Your Wrist

Smartwatches not only allow you to talk from your phone, but they'll also allow you to receive other phone functions like getting text, emails, calendar appointments, call notifications, social media updates, as well as GPS navigation all from your wrist. Now get me directions to the nearest rest stop!


Monitor Your Heart Rate

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women affecting 1 in every 4 deaths a year according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In today's world, monitoring your heart rate is as easy as a quick glimpse of your wrist with heart rate technology that makes it possible to check your heart rate while you work out. Depending on your exercise watch, your activity tracker may include additional features such as, how many calories you can burn based on your heart rate. That should get you pumping!


Find Your Phone and Keys Faster

Most smartwatches have a "find phone" feature which will allow you to connect your phone or any device (including keys) with it and let you call it through your smartwatch and retrieve it. This can come in handy when you are already fifteen minutes late to your appointment and rushing out the door! Just give your keys a ring from your smartwatch and you're on your way. Now off to that appointment!


Let Your Smartwatch Entertain You

Smartwatches have the ability to also play music on the go. Depending on what style of smartwatch you own, you can also watch YouTube videos as well. So the next time you are on your walk and you want to catch up on highlights from your favorite television show, or just want to walk to a beat, your smartwatch can do so right at your wrist!


Sleep Monitor

Over 20% of Americans suffer from some sort of chronic sleep disorder. Getting enough sleep is important to our overall health. Your activity tracker can monitor how you sleep by its ability to track your movement. This feature is more sensitive to your movements than they would be during the day. Understanding how you sleep may provide telling information as to how you may perform during the day as well. Depending on the style of watch you choose, your activity tracker can even monitor when you are in a light sleep or deep sleep based on your motions. Sweet dreams!


Now that you are more in the know about some of the advantages of having an activity tracker, go check out an activity tracker of your own!