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How To Use Your Smartwatch At The Beach

How To Use Your Smartwatch At The Beach

June 19, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

As you know, most of our iTouch Wearable Smartwatches are water-resistant, being able to resist pressures up to 30 feet! So whether you are a diver, swimmer, or surfer, you can enjoy all the benefits that come from our smartwatches! They are also lightweight, flexible, and comfortable, providing a lot of ease to wearers. It is truly the perfect tool for anyone who wants to take it to the beach and get in the benefits that your smartwatch can include. If you want to use your smartwatch at the beach, here is how:

Run On The Beach

As we mentioned before, when finding time to run on the beach, aim for a time when there is a falling or low tide. During this time, you will find that it creates the most level, hard-packed surface for running. As the water recedes, it leaves hardening sand behind—similar to a soft trail you'd normally find in the woods or other parks that's forgiving on the body. Ideally, you want to run at low tide or within an hour or two around the lowest point. When running on the beach, include your smartwatch. You can track your steps with the built in pedometer, or even track your calories with the calorie-tracker. 

Here is a workout you can try: 

The Zigzag:

  1. Run 10 minutes on the wet, hard-packed sand, gradually accelerating from a slow jog to training pace if you can.
  2. Head to the dry, soft sand for a one-minute hard run (less than one minute if your breathing gets out of control).
  3. Cut back to the firm sand for one minute of slow recovery running. Keep these zigzag patterns going until you've done five to 10 one-minute spurts.
  4. Cool down with a 10-minute easy jog on wet-packed sand.

Use The Sports Mode

If you are a lover of beach volleyball, surfing, swimming, or even other beach activities, you can use the sports mode of your smartwatch. These modes allow you to efficiently track your blood oxygen levels and your calories during each activity, make sure to get the most out of each routine or workout. These modes also let you track how long you are engaged with these activities as well! 

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