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How To Pack For The Beach With Kids

How To Pack For The Beach With Kids

May 29, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

Loading up the family ride for a day at the beach can feel like a monumental task when you aren't exactly sure where to start. For example, it's hard enough to pack for yourself during a beach day in needing to remember all the essentials, now add that with each additional child, and you are asking for some stressful times. While we might not be able to help you with the mess of all that sand once it's time to head back home (where did it all come from in the first place!), we can surely make the packing-for-a-beach-day process a whole lot easier. Here is our simple and guide for everything you may want to consider for a beach day with the kiddos! 

Clothes For Babies, Kids, and Anything In-Between

When it comes to packing for your children for your family beach day, one of the essentials comes down to the clothes they need. Think about what they will wear, whether it fits for the environment, and whether or not you may need to bring a few diapers along the way as well? Here are a few items to consider packing:

  • Swim Diapers or Reusable Swim Diapers
  • Kid's Bathing Suits
  • Kid's Rash-Guards 
  • Swim Vests or Floaties
  • Kid's Wetsuits
  • Cover-Ups or Hoodies - For When They Get Cold
  • Flip-Flops or Water Shoes
  • Sun Hats
  • Dry Clothes - For The Ride Home

The Essentials

As with any beach day, packing the essentials such as sunscreen and bug spray is needed now more than ever when considering bringing your little one along for the ride. Sometimes, we get a little forgetful, accidentally forgetting to sunscreen and relying on others for help. When it comes to bringing your children, do not be afraid to make a checklist, and ensure you have all that you need. When it comes to necessary items, be sure to include:

  • A First-Aid Kit - Just In Case They Get Cut or Scratch By Rocks or Shells
  • Sunscreen - Aim For The Natural Stuff
  • Bug Spray
  • Lip Balm or Chapstick
  • Sunglasses 

The Beach Gear

When it comes to bumming on the beach with your children, it is okay to be that parent with all the gear! Do not be afraid to bring some chairs, an umbrella, or maybe even a tent or two! Your kiddos get tired and hot, be sure to provide them someplace where they can cool off and relax if you aren't ready to leave the beach. Here is some stuff that we suggest you bring:

  • Beach Umbrellas
  • Beach Chairs
  • Beach Tent or Pop-Up Canopy
  • Beach Towels and Extra Towels To Wipe Hands With
  • Beach Blanket or a Fitted Sheet 
  • Beach Bag
  • Dry Bags To Hold Phones, Electronics, Books, etc. 

Miscellaneous Essentials 

When it comes to planning the perfect, stress-free beach day, there are even more items to consider! But don't worry - these are the everyday things and extras that can make the experience a little better. Here are what they are: 

  • Water and Snacks - Consider Packing Water Bottles, Juices, and Healthy Snacks Fit For The Day
  • Books or Toys - If You and your Children Get Bored Of Playing In The Water, Consider Bringing Toys Or Books To Pass The Time On The Sands
  • Beach Balls, Frisbees, Sandcastle Gear
  • Goggles
  • Playing Cards

Having a perfect day on the beach doesn't have to be a stressful event. Just follow these few tips, and be sure to create a checklist to make sure you have all that you need! 

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