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How Exercise Affects Our Mind and Body

How Exercise Affects Our Mind and Body

January 23, 2020 / Janey LaFleur

Have you ever wondered how exercises affects our mind and body? Well we got you covered! Whether you want to implement a new workout into your routine or simply want to brush up on your workout routine, there are many incentives that come from daily fitness practices. Read below some incredible benefits that exercises has on our mental and physical health below:

Overcoming Overthinking

Good news! Overcoming overthinking that may be prevalent before incorporating exercise into our everyday routines is more simplistic than it seems! The condition of our mind and heart is the root of how our bodies operate on a daily basis. Therefore, by fixing our focus on viewing exercise as a reachable daily habit instead of an obligation the pressure is taken off! By changing your perspective to recognize exercise as an opportunity to find new ways to be active, you can make daily progress towards improving wellness and health within your body! 

Why Our Bodies Require Exercise 

When breaking down what exercise is, the central goal is to elevate our heart rates and encourage an increase in our energy levels. Our bodies need exercise throughout the day due to the positive domino effect intervals of activity has over improving our blood pressure, organ function, and endurance. Walking and stretching in particular is an ideal way to start improving your body's mobility, muscle function, and overall health quality. In order to achieve longevity of improvement in the functionality, agility, immunity, and strength of our bodies daily intervals of exercise is required. You can begin by finding what works for you! Try integrating small sessions of stretching, walking, and other types of specific workouts that interest you!

The Benefits Of Daily Movement 

There are a multitude of reasons as to why recognizing the value of exercise and why our bodies require movement is important. A few key examples that may surprise you include; breathing enhancement, prevention of acute and chronic illness, honing our abilities to retain memory, and keeping bones strong. Other crucial benefits of daily exercise include building aerobic power, reducing overall body fat, improving quality of sleep, and lowering health risks such as high blood pressure, arthritis, and Type 2 diabetes. The beauty of daily exercise is that we can achieve it in a way that is unique to each person. Whether it is workout classes, bicycling, walking, stretching, or swimming there is room to incorporate exercise everywhere at any time that works for you! 

Achieving Positive Results Is Attainable!

Our bodies thrive off of daily exercise, and staying focused on personal motivations as well as the benefits that result from keeping our bodies moving is key. Other areas that hold great importance for achieving the goal of improved mindfulness and health is making the most of the time we are not exercising. Aiming to obtain continuous sleep of at least six to eight hours, planning meals and snacks around whole organic foods, and stretching to recover after workouts is crucial. These incremental steps will support your personal path towards increasing your overall health, brain function, and energy levels. Obtaining positive results from how our bodies are affected by daily exercise is achievable by finding what works best for your personal schedule! 

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- Janey

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