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A Healthier Lifestyle with a Bluetooth Smartwatch

A Healthier Lifestyle with a Bluetooth Smartwatch

Making the choice to lead a healthier life is a big one. So many aspects of your life need changes, and it can feel overwhelming. The key is to start small and to track all the changes you are making. If you set your goal too high, it will be much easier to get discouraged. Here are some tips to help you not only reach your goals but to become a healthier you:

Get Moving

Setting up step goals gives you an easy way to set obtainable goals. Approximately 2,000 steps is a mile. You probably take more steps in a day than you think you do. Grabbing water from the kitchen, trips to the bathroom, walking to and from your car. With a smartwatch, you can track how many steps you already walk in a day and create obtainable goals. If you already walk 5,000 steps, aim for 6,000. Once you can reach your goal every day, you know it's time to increase the steps you want to achieve. Becoming more active can really just start there! It won't be long before you notice an improvement in your body. Walking improves cardiovascular and respiratory health, increases bone strength, and promotes muscle strength. If you are struggling to get up and move around, a smartwatch can alert you that you've been sitting for a long period. This could be a great help in getting started. 

Foods and Diet

While you shouldn't go all out and cut everything bad for you out of your diet immediately, you can make some positive changes. Starting a strict diet suddenly can make it harder for you to reach your goals. According to The Diabetes Council, "do not make your new diet too strict and restrictive. Having a treat every once in a while is okay!" Trying to change everything dramatically all at once makes you focus too much on what you can't have. That focus will make it harder for you to keep up the changes and ultimately you have set yourself up to fail. Instead, change one or two things at a time. There are calorie trackers, like those available in a smartwatch, that can make setting goals and tracking your progress easy and convenient. 


We live in a society that pushes us to do more, be more, constantly. Sleep often gets sacrificed whether it's for a work-related event and replying to emails or because we just want a few minutes to ourselves after spending so much time working. Our bodies need sleep though, and probably a lot more than you think. "For many of us with sleep debt, we've forgotten what "being really, truly rested" feels like," says the National Sleep Foundation. Adults require 7-9 hours of sleep on average, but some adults require more. In order for our bodies, especially our immune systems, to function at their best we need to be getting more sleep. It can be hard to accomplish that, but keeping track of your sleeping habits is a good place to start. It lets you see if there are any patterns of poor sleep so you can try and find a cause and solution. A smartwatch can assist you in tracking sleeping patterns and let you see if you are making any headway into getting more sleep. 

Getting healthier takes a lot of work, but it is possible, and iTouch Curve smartwatch can go a long way to making your goals seem much more achievable.