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Best Workouts To Incorporate During Your Hike

Best Workouts To Incorporate During Your Hike

August 26, 2020 / Patrick Zavorskas

If there is one thing that I adore, it is going for a hike

There is something quite remarkable and lovely about being surrounded by nature. Within its peaceful quietness and serenity, hitting the trails for a long hike can be practically meditative. For many, hiking on trails can be the only way to breathe in fresh air, whether or not it is simply in pursuit of Instagram-worthy views. In comparison, while hiking is just walking uphill for a while, it offers up one heck of a heavy-breathing, heart-pumping cardio workout making it perfect for just about anyone! 

The one downside, however, that comes from hiking is the serious lack of strength exercise. If you want to make the most of your hike and create an incredible workout to maximize results, you're in luck! We have for you today the ultimate hiking hacks! Here are the best workouts to incorporate during your hike to ensure you are gaining the muscles you desire.

1 - Shoulder Presses or Push-Ups

When you set off on a trail, start looking for trail markers along the way. In doing so, make these progress points a stop in your hike to get in an exercise. When you encounter your first trail marker, drop to the ground for 10 push-ups or grab a heavy rock to do 10 military shoulder presses. Shoulder presses and push-ups are effective ways to increase your core strength while focusing on your upper body as well. The push-ups will help you gain stronger chest and triceps muscles, while shoulder presses will help define and strengthen your shoulders and triceps.

2 - Deep Squats 

When you reach your next marker, incorporate squats into the routine. Assume a deep squat position without unloading any of your hiking gear, then take 20 slow heel-toe creep steps forward. Deep squats are a great tool to specifically target your gluteus muscles while protecting your knees and spine, as long as you can remain strong in your posture and in a wide stance with your feet. With each step you take, you'll be firing up your glutes and hamstrings while adding stress to the quadriceps as well.

3 - Sumo Squat

Whenever you see or step on a big rock that's unstable, why not turn it into a new exercise? Standing over the rock, drop down into a deep squat, and pick up the rock in a goblet squat position. Once you have a handle on the additional weight, do 10 deep squat repetitions. The sumo squats will add strength and definition to your gluteus muscles.

4 - Deep Lunges

Instead of walking slowly and taking big steps, turn those large steps into deep lunges throughout your hike. Keep your posture upright throughout your torso and do your best not to let your front knee go forward past your ankle. Hiking on its own provides an amazing workout for the lower body and core, but adding deep lunges to the mix will engage more reverse chain muscles. It will help to tone muscles like your hamstrings, glutes, and calves, especially when ascending uphill. 

5 - Add In An Ab Workout During Breaks

Taking mid-hike breaks is fine, but you can certainly kick your pauses up a notch by adding work for your abs before you start hiking again. We suggest these options for making the most out of an ab workout : 

  • Designate two minutes to a plank series, spending 30-second increments in various plank forms, like high plank, low plank, or side plank. Make it harder by elevating your feet on your backpack or a tree stump, or add five to 10 push-ups between each 30-second set.
  • Lie on your back for a two-minute crunch series. 

There you have it! You'll be making the most of your hike in no time!

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