Best Tech Valentine's Day Gifts

Best Tech Valentine's Day Gifts

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Don't waste your money on chocolates, flowers, and other typical Valentine's Day gifts this year. If you're looking for a different route, then find a gift your significant other can actually use every day. Tech Valentine's Day gifts suite every personality and lifestyle, making them the perfect alternative. If you're unsure exactly what kind of tech gift to get, then try one of these options below.


Best Tech Valentine's Day Gifts

This is the gift your partner didn't think they needed - but boy, will they use it every day. Especially if it's the new and friendly iTOUCH Air 2. The iTOUCH Wearable connects easily to an Android or iPhone and will help them stay connected with both their social and fitness life. The silicone strap makes it comfortable to wear all day, as it's interchangeable to match any outfit. The all-new metal case and glass face increases its durability, so don't worry about them breaking your gift off the bat. They can track their health, as you can play music and take pictures together, so really this Valentine's Day gift is a win-win for the both of you.

Fitness Tracker

Best Tech Valentine's Day Gifts

If your date is a fitness fanatic or wants something simpler, then go for a fitness tracker. The iFitness Pulse Activity Tracker is great to help them meet their fitness goals AND still remain fashionable. They'll appreciate the stylish assortment of different colors and printed interchangeable bands, and of course that you care about their physical well-being. Now you can keep track of each other's steps, distance, calories, and heart rate immediately.  

Google Home or Echo Dot

Best Tech Valentine's Day Gifts

Who couldn’t use an extra hand around the house? Google Home is a wonderful Valentine's Day gift for your significant other. This voice-activated device answers any question, plays any song, and will keep you both on schedule. Amazon Echo is also a great option with all the same features. Plus, you can order anything you want straight from your Amazon account. You just made shopping a whole lot easier for them.

Polaroid Camera

Best Tech Valentine's Day Gifts

A Polaroid camera is the perfect tech Valentine's Day gift if you and bae take a lot of pictures. They come in an array of colors to match anyone's style, and are small enough to carry around basically anywhere. Capture every adventure, smile, and outing with this. You can even pair it with a Polaroid photo printer. This lets you capture those picture-perfect moments, and then instantly print those memories out. It's truly the Valentine's gift that keeps on giving!

Electric Toothbrush 

best tech valentine's day gifts

Go the practical route and get your loved on an electric toothbrush this Valentine's Day! Burst is a super chic and trending electric toothbrush currently on the market. It has the most powerful motor on the market with 33,000 sonic vibrations per minute, and industry leading battery life of four weeks with just one hour of charge. The toothbrush also has charcoal bristles to whiten teeth and a tooth buffer. Burst is a the perfect Valentine's Day gift that the both of you get to enjoy ;)

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