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5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

December 30, 2019 / Gina Gargiulo

Whether you're feeling tense and stressed or just want to pamper yourself, nothing beats a massage. Nonetheless, sometimes we don't have the time or money to go. If you need a fast relief, then relaxation can be found right in your own home. Here's 5 self massage techniques that everyone needs to know.

First you should note that a self-massage can be using your own hands or props like a tennis ball or foam roller to work out kinks and loosen up your muscles. This is a perfect way to unwind after a tough day!

Self Massage Techniques for Toes & Feet Self Massage

5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

Let's start from the bottom-up. Cross your right leg over your left knee, and leave your fingers of your left hand in between the toes on your right foot. In this position, circle your ankle in both directions, then switch feet, This helps to mobilize your toes and stretch them out, which is great for toe cramps or from wearing narrow shoes all day. Next up is your feet, which are crucial to massage considering they have 26 bones and a ton of joints! Improving the movement of your foot will help your entire body move. A great massage technique is to stand with a tennis ball under one of your feet and roll the ball under the entire foot, stopping when you hit a particularly tight spot. If it feels like too much pressure, you can always do it while sitting or leaning against a wall. Then when that foot feels better, move on to the other one.

Self Massage Techniques for A Shoulder Self Massage

5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

Tennis balls also come in handy with a shoulder self massage. Especially if you're hunched over all day at work or school, this will help you out. Grab wo tennis balls, lie down on the ground, and place them under your shoulders. Then place your feet on the floor and raise your pelvis up a few inches to increase the pressure on the balls. From there, raise your arms and move them above you. This should move the balls around the upper shoulder zone and help work the muscles that keep your head upright all day.

Self Neck Massage Techniques

5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

Let's not forget about your neck. Lie on your side with a foam roller under your neck, as it should be snug in the area between your jaw and shoulder. Now let the foam roller find all your tense points on the side of your neck, then roll a little onto your back and a little towards your front. Finally, repeat that motion on the other side and feel all the tension be released!

Self Massage Techniques for A Lower Back Massage

5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

One of the most sore areas and the reason why most of us need a massage is because of our lower backs. This is typically because most of us sit all day, so it's time to give your back the stretch it needs. Stand and place your hands on your hips with your thumbs on your back. Then work your thumbs on your back and into your spine, then down over your hip bones. You’ll be able to feel the tension instantly to relieve it.

Self Massage Techniques for A Hands Self Massage

5 Self Massage Techniques That Everyone Needs to Know

When you’ve been typing for hours on end, it's inevitable that your hands can feel cramped and exhausted. When that happens, simply use one hand to work out and massage the other. Use your right hand’s fingers to pull down each finger on your left hand, from base to tip, while twisting back and forth. Then work your right thumb into the palm of the left hand, doing circular motions. Pay extra attention to the area between your thumb and forefinger because it can get really sore there. Finally repeat on your other hand, and you'll be good as new!

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