iTouch Classic Smartwatch


iTouch Classic Smartwatch



Designed for today's connected life, the iTOUCH Classic Smartwatch has you covered for every situation. Steps, Calories, Distance and Sleep trackers help you monitor your health, while the Camera and Music remotes make your leisure time more enjoyable. Notifications, Calculator, and Sedentary Reminder have you covered while at work.

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Compatible with Android and iOS
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1 Year Warranty

iTouch Classic Smartwatch Apps

Camera Remote

Take photos with your phone's camera using your iTOUCH as a remote with a flick of your wrist.


Allows you to make outgoing phone calls as well as receive incoming calls with the built in speakerphone.


View your email notifications.

Music Remote

Be your own DJ, play/pause, skip and reverse from your wrist.


Receive notifications on your iTOUCH Wearable when you get text/email/social media/games and more.

Voice Assist

Initiates your phone's virtual assistant through the iTOUCH's spearkphone.


iTouch Apps


Set up to 3 different vibrating alarms.


Enable/Disable the Bluetooth conncection on your iTOUCH


Solve any math problem on your wrist, not on your fingers!


View the current calendar month.

Call Logs

View recent incoming, outgoing and missed calls.

Calorie Counter

Track and summarize calories burned on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.


Syncs time and date from your phone, as well as displays battery life.

Distance Tracker

View the distance you've traveled on your journey to achieve your fitness goals.

Find Phone

Your band will alert you when you have moved out of the range of your phone.

Lost Alert

When you've misplaced your iTOUCH Wearable, you can have it vibrate if you are within range to find it's location.


Keep track of your steps as you work to achieve daily, weekly and monthly fitness goals.

Sedentary Reminder

Set a periodic reminder to get up and move so you can more easily achieve your fitness goals.


Change languages, screen settings, sounds, units, motion and more.

Sleep Monitor

Keep track of the quality of your sleep.


Includes a handy stopwatch.


View the weather forecast of your current location.


Technical Specs

  • Case Size: 45.5mm wide
  • Thickness: 10.9mm
  • Strap Length: 9.5”
  • Bluetooth: version 4.0
  • Battery: Approximately 1 day on average use
  • Minimum System requirements: Android version 4.4 and higher iOS version 7.2 and higher

What's Included


1 USB Charging Cable

Setting up
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Step 1

App for either Android or iOS

Step 2

Sync your watch to your phone via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to start tracking!