Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts

Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts

If your dad is a gym rat or super into fitness, then you want to get him something that he actually wants or needs. He may already have the essentials, but there are certain items that will take his workout game to the next level. Here are our top fitness Father's Day gifts that he'll actually appreciate this holiday!


Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts itouch air 2 smartwatch

If your dad's always on-the-go, then you'll want to get him a smartwatch if he doesn't own one already. Try the iTouch Air 2, which is user-friendly and is designed for both his connected and fitness life. Your father can easily monitor his heart rate, receive text and social media notifications, and look in-style while doing it. Pick a smartwatch in his favorite color, as this will be a Father's Day gift he can wear and use every single day.

Fitness Tracker 

Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts ifitness tracker

Nothing says a fitness gift for Father's Day better than a fitness tracker. These are designed for an active lifestyle, and will keep your father on track with his fitness goals and overall health. The iFitness Activity Tracker counts steps, calories, and distance each day. Plus you can help him stay on top of his sleep schedule so he remains well-rested and alert. Not only will he be happy to track his health, but he can now stay connected with you without having to pick up his phone! This is a win-win for the both of you. 

Freestanding Heavy Bag

Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts

If your dad is a frequent boxer and likes throwing KOs for a workout, then give him the gift of training in the comfort of his own home. A freestanding bag is the ultimate luxury and just that. He can turn your basement, living room, or whatever space he wants into his workout zone. Even if he doesn't box, he'll appreciate this Father's Day gift to break a sweat and get rid of unnecessary stress.

Exercise Equipment

Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts

Maybe your dad has been dying for new exercise equipment, or just any equipment to have of his own. If the boxing bag isn't for him, there's still plenty to choose from that he will love. Go for a gear jump rope, which can be used at home or at the gym. This isn't your ordinary jump rope though. It should have a multi-directional swivel axis bearing system to create those perfect rotations, no matter the speed he goes. Another option is to upgrade his kettle bell with a pro one that allows him to easily change weights. Depending on how hard he’s pushing it, there's adjustable weight plates you can add or subtract off the outer shell. How cool is that?

Workout Apparel

Top Fitness Father's Day Gifts

Let's be honest - most dad's need some help in the fashion department and the current trends. That's why you can't go wrong with getting him some essential workout apparel for Father's Day. Your options are honestly endless here, but be sure to buy him apparel and accessories that he will use, based on the type of workouts he does. Examples of what you can buy include: sports trunks, compression/performance socks, running sneakers, cooling jacket, wireless headphones, gym bag, water bottle, joggers, running shorts, or wicking t-shirts. 

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